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!!OH My Goddess!!

Skuld, Belldandy,Ord

If your a fan of Japanese animation then you may have see this wonderful manga. but for you who haven't found the amazing world of anime, I'll tell you a little bit about it.

Japaness animation is called( by most), anime or manga. Anime is used when talking about animated works, where
as manga is used more for comics. Some animes are for children, but alot of animes are for older veiws, infact I wouldn't let a little one watch them until you had a chance to watch it first, to make sure that it is suitable. (and some anime is not suitable for anyone)

Anyway, back to OMG (OH MY GODDESS)

Keiichi Morisato:

Nekomi Tech student

who dialed a wrong

number and unwittingly

summoned the

goddess Belldandy

Keiichi IN the snowman



Goddess First Class

(unlimited). Very

loving, very kind.


Goddess Second Class

(limited). Belldandy's

big sister. very sexy,

very naughty.




Goddess Second

class (limited).

Belldandy's little

sister. Very smart.

slightly bratty.

Keiichi was looking after the dorm, for the day. Taking massages and stuff. And of course when he tried to find so thing to eat, around the dorm, "nothing". So he picked up the phone and tried for take out. Then he accidentlly dial " Goddess Technical Help Line " and summoned Belldandy. Belldandy appeared and said that she was there to grant Keiichi one wish. Keiichi, who was in shock, thought that this must be some kind of joke, (played on him by his room mates), wished "I want a girl like you to be with me forever". And pow, his wish was granted!

So Belldandy started living with him, and it wasn't long before her two sisters , Urd and Skuld, came to live with them as while, but life with three goddess around isn't boring. Why sometimes is just plain dangerous. ^_^

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