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Welcome to The Ender's Room

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Welcome to my room, but watch your step.
its filled with computer parts( mostly out of data ),
animes piled high, and a fair bit of papers to even it out.

I've been playing around with FLASH. Here is my first little movie!

Check out the JAVA presentation from my Computer languages class.

Please check out my sketch book. Ender's Sketch Book

FINAL have a list of My anime, this list is for My personal use and for the ANIME SOSU club that is starting this semester.

I would also love for you to see My girlfriends website, with lots of truely wonderful art work, pictures and painting, pottery and more.

I'm now a senior in college, only took 5 years, and have collected
even more anime. I even got to do a computer graphics report over.
an anime studio call Ghibli.


I have a few programs from class I shall upload for all to see,
and I'll included the code for you to see as well. It is in c++
with opengl. If you use some of my code please mention where you
got it from.

3D Ball
Tea Pot

I have also been working on a comic strip, inspired by MegaToyko and the unending support of my girlfriend.
Its about life working at a pizza joint.
I have been doing this comic for a number of semesters now for the newspaper at the college I go to.

BS Pizzaria

I've taking some Easter photos with My digital pocket cam.