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Hi and welcome to our web site, we hope you enjoy your stay. This site is owned by Ender and Marz. We are brothers as well as College students and both of us are big fans of anime. For those that don't know what anime is, anime is Japanies animation. Thats right, we like to watch cartoons, humm wait a minute thats not right! Anime are NOT cartoons, so don't go showing them off to the family untill you have a look see first. They inculed a mix of subject from sci-fi to romance (Just like any good media should)

While I'm thinking about it I would like to mention a few things about this site. Many of the pictures that have a link on them. This is so you can click them to get look at the image at the full size. The image will then appear in a new browser window, DON'T close that window just yet. If you click on another image it well pop up in the same window as the previus image. Kind of neat don't you think ^_^. OK SO I THOUGHT SO, you don't have to be rude you know.

Another note about the pictures is that most of the images found on this site where drawn by me, or my brother. The only ones that aren't orginal are all the pictures on the "Oh My Goddess" page. The images were found off of many differnt sites, so if there is one thats should not be used ( due to copyrights and such) just email me and I'll be happy to remove it for you ^_^. (I'm easy going ^_~ )

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