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Mission: Jaws of the Jaguar
A Mission: Impossible/X Files Crossover

The Jaguar, Olivero de la Montana's namesake
Tracks of the Jaguar

Ethan Hunt, Impossible Mission AgentFBI Agent Fox MulderConnor Galbraith, International Drug RunnerDaniel Ballard,  Connor's Kept Man
Busy little kitty, ain't he?

Once again the Impossible Mission force moves into action, this time to stop a Columbian drug lord from realizing his ambition to expand his empire by going into partnership with an international drug runner.

I:M agent Ethan Hunt is assigned the daunting task of infiltrating Olivero de la Montana's stronghold in the guise of Connor Galbraith, a tough Irish drug runner. He needs an operative to act the role of Galbraith's constant companion, and lover, Daniel Ballard. Special Agent Fox Mulder, a near twin of the decadent young man, is recruited.

During the course of the mission, Mulder learns something about himself, and the two agents come to realize that Connor and Daniel may not be entirely irredeemable...

Mission: Impossible
Jaws of the Jaguar