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Child of the Night
A slash rendering of the classic gothic love story, Dracula.

To my readers--don't panic. I haven't trashed Child of the Night. It is merely moving into another incarnation. In other words... I'm getting published!

SL Publishing Group will be publishing the finished story as a trilogy. The first book should be out in give or take a year. So, all you readers who swore they'd buy a copy... *grin*

I'll put updates here, on my live journal, and on the author page they will provide. In the meantime I'm leaving the first four chapter for those who haven't encountered it already. Hopefully it will lure... uh... impress them enough to make them interested in purchase. Oh, and I believe they will eventually provide a digital edition, too.

In fifteenth century Transylvania (Wallachia), Prince Vlad Tepes Draculea rules with a bloody, iron fist. His method of dealing with enemies, both personal and political, has earned him the name of The Impaler. Though he has bedded many, Draculea's heart has never been touched, until he seeks a bride.

He chooses a young noblewoman, but it is not she who captures his heart. Instead, he falls in love with her bastard half-brother, Nicolae. After winning the boy over, he is happy, for a time. Then tragedy strikes. Draculea willingly takes on the curse of vampirism to await the rebirth of his lover.

Centuries later, Draculea meets Jonathan Harker, a naive young Englishman who bears a striking resemblance to his lost love. Convinced that he is his beloved Nicu's reincarnation, Draculea sets out to take him, no matter what... or who stands in his way...

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Chapter One