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a band that really kicks ass. i have been a huge smack fan since 8/02. i love their heavy angry sound. they have helped me through some bad times. they're my favorite hard rock band. sully erna is the frontman and writer/singer/guitar player and he is the epitamy of cool. he's the creative mind behind the band and the one who formed the band. the shit they have released so far is fuckin awesome and i cant wait for more!!!! .....also, i'm a member of both the official and unofficial fan clubs.

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Kurt Cobain was dead and Alice In Chains were missing in action, but the sound of grunge continued to live on in the late '90s thanks to Godsmack.

The Boston-based quartet--Wiccan frontman Sully Erna, guitarist Tony Rambola, bassist Robbie Merrill, and drummer Tommy Stewart--initially made noise on a regional level with the 1997 independent release All Wound Up, before landing a deal with Universal. In 1998, the label re-released the album as a self-titled disc, with a few new tracks and new cover art.

Stewart, who was temporarily replaced by Joe D'Arco, returned to the band just as it began experience greater success with the combination of Erna's gruff vocals and the band's heavy, sludge-like instrumental attack. Fueled by such rock hits as "Keep Away" and "Whatever" and a slot on the OzzFest tour, Godsmack eventually sold more than 3 million copies.

In 2000, after another stint on OzzFest, the 'Smack returned to prove its first effort was no fluke. Awake debuted at No. 5 on the national sales chart, and spawned more rock radio hits, including the chart-topping title track. Aside from the radio and sales success, the band scored its first Grammy in 2002 for best rock instrumental performance for the Awake track "Vampires."

Godsmack hit the top of the rock radio charts again with "I Stand Alone" from The Scorpion King soundtrack later in 2002. The track perhaps had special meaning for drummer Stewart, who once again parted with the band.

In April 2003, Godsmack returned to the fold with Faceless.

This Biography was written by Craig Rosen



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