With Godsmack IV  Bostons finest are back with a scorching return to the hard charge that made them so wildly popular. Instantly recognizable diamond-in-the-rough harmonies and throaty vocals melted over heavy guitars and tribal drums thrust the songs on  Godsmack IV out of the stereo and into your face.

Speak, the first song released off  Godsmack IV  is already the bands 5th ..1 Active Rock single. The fourth studio album from the hardworking multi-platinum rock band,  Godsmack IV is poised to captivate listeners on the merit of the Godsmack sound its fans have come to cherish and the evolution of the band as it explores a more roots-driven hard rock. The first full-length album in three years, Godsmack IV is a muscular collection of songs which showcase the power and vision of the band.

Recorded at Spiral Recording Studio in Los Angeles, Godsmack IV was produced by vocalist Sully Erna and engineered with the legendary Andy Johns (who also engineered Led Zeppelin IV and such classics as the Rolling Stones Exile On Main Street). The diversity of the richly textured songs, both electric and acoustic demonstrates the strength of the songwriting and the depth of the performances:  hallmark of Godsmack which has earned the band four Grammy nominations and 13 Top Ten rock hits.

Vocalist Sully Erna puts it this way: I believe our songwriting has matured to where were creating as a whole, were more defined. I let go of the steering wheel a bit, allowing the band control over the writing. With me stepping away to get an outside view, I came up with lyrics for what I viewed as almost another group entirely. Its a lot more rootsy than the metal edge were used to playing.

Songs like the first single, Speak, Shine Down and Hollow cleverly capture Ernas attitude and maturity as a lyricist. Exploring themes of loneliness, alienation, hope and spirituality amidst the density of the groups music, Erna emerges resolute in his passionate vocals while offering occasional glimpses into his psyche. Living In Sin and The Enemy explores the theme of infidelity. The paths to truth, says Erna, (is) what this record was about.

The performances on  Godsmack IV are as strong as they have ever been because of the epic rhythm section of Shannon Larkin and Robbie Merrill and the smoldering guitar of Tony Rombola. Rombolas riffs are heavy and contagious while Larkin seems hell-bent on destroying his kit, as evidenced by his awesome power throughout and notably on songs like Speak and Temptation.

Among the many highlights on  Godsmack IV is the haunting ballad Hollow. Instantly unforgettable and a complete departure for Godsmack.  It doesnt take the golden ears of a disc jockey to know that with Hollow Godsmack is sitting on a monster. Featuring backing vocals from Lisa Guyer, (a friend of the band), and a beautiful orchestration of acoustic guitars, mandolin strings and cello, the band is at its most poignant and Erna, especially, his most evocative. Its simple, with feeling and emotion, says Sully. Its the piece that was necessary to make the record feel whole, to give it both sides of the Godsmack ying and yang.

With Godsmack IV, Godsmack is at its apex and seemingly without peer, though the members remain humble and straightforward in their devotion to their music. As Sully Erna sums it up, Were a basic hard-rock outfit that takes a lot of pride in the grooves we create.

Godsmack IV is deftly woven tapestry which features the band at is best: elegant, angry, melodic and aggressive. Given this gift for such diversity and songwriting excellence it is no wonder that Godsmack remains the preeminent force in hard rock today.

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