sully erna is one of the greatest artists around, he writes the lyrics for godsmack and all the music, sometimes with collaboration with other band members. he also produces the albums and does set design for their shows. he is also openly wiccan. he is one of the most creative male singers of our generation. he himself is a work of art.


Full Name- Salvatore Paul Erna

Birthdate- Feb.07, 1968

Birthplace-Lawrence, MA

Height- 5'4" or 5'5" on a good day. lol.

Weight- 140

Eye color- Green

Children- One daughter, Skylar Brooke Erna, born Dec.17, 2002

Siblings- 1 sister and 1 step sister

Pets- Bulldog named Stomp

Astrological sign- Aquarius

Hobbies- Harley's and boxing

Before Godsmack- Sully was working for an At. doing collections.

Fave food- Maine Lobster

Fave soda- Canada Dry Ginger Ale

Fave beer- Corona

Fave spirit- Crown Royal whiskey

Fave actor- Al Pacino

Fave actress- Liv Tyler

Fave horror movie- Interview With the Vampire

Fave show- The Sopranos

Fave singer- Lisa Gerrard

Fave bands- Dead Can Dance, Sevendust

Fave store- Circut city

Previous Bands- Strip Mind, Meliah Rage,and The Fighting Cocks

Necklace -The necklace Sully wears all the time is a Celtic rune called Kanuz. They date back to about 200 B.C. and were developed by the Northern Tribes of Europe, the Nordic. They believed that if the correct symbol was chosen, then the element or force it represented would be enabled.This paticular rune is called Kanuz. It represents Fire generally, illumination, and good for craftspeople and artists for creativity.

Religion- Sully is Wiccan and studies under Salem Witch Laurie Cabot

Quote on his beleifs: "This is the book. This is the way.Beleive it or go to hell.Fuck that. And who knows ? I could be wrong. Maybe when I die I could go to purgatory and there could be Jesus going, See? We tried to tell you the whole time, You fucked up now go to hell."


i admire him a lot, for his artistic abilities and creativity. he inspires me a lot in my life and my art.



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