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 The P.C.C. Turkey Shoot 

  The PCC “Turkey Shoot”  

  Brought to you by the  Pensacola Chess Club.  

 Date: Saturday; November 11th, 2006 . 

To download the original flyer, click here.  When the USCF cross-table becomes available, the link will be available here

 The story of the tournament 

We had a grand total of 15 people, they came from FL and AL ... and as far away as Mobile and Panama City.  
(One player was listed with a residence of NC, but I am told that he currently lives in the state of AL.)  

In the early rounds, the higher-rated players defeated the lower-rated players ... which is pretty much the norm in a Swiss-System tournament. In round one, Damon Woods was a whole rook ahead against Mr. Hekimian ... but then walked into a checkmate. Abraham Nielsen seemed to have Joe Jurjevich on the ropes, but let him get away.  

There was lots of fighting chess, many games were played down to the final minutes of the time control. (Game / One hour.) 

Perhaps the biggest game of the tournament came in round three, when John Perciballi defeated Joe Jurjevich.  
(This game is briefly annotated below.)  

A.J. Goldsby wound up winning the tournament, but not without much sustained effort. In round one, A.J. defeated Josh Stewart, but Josh grimly defended well, despite losing a piece in the opening. In the second round, Chuck Singleton played a very solid game, A.J. had to play nearly perfect chess to overcome Mr. Singleton's tough resistance. The real shocker came in round three. Keenan Olson played a Dutch like a wild man, sacking two pieces right out of the opening. A.J. managed to avoid mate and hung in there, despite the fact that Fritz would later show Black to be clearly winning. In the end, A.J. traded down to an ending where White had a Rook and two very active Bishops, while Black had two Rooks plus two extra pawns. Eventually White managed to win a very long game, the game ended in fifty-plus moves, when Keenan could not stop A.J.'s passed RP. In the last round, A.J. missed a couple of really strong moves, but avoided any real mistakes, and then won when Dr. Perciballi overplayed his hand on the Queen-side. 

A good time was had by all, Randy Wolfe won the drawing and took home the free chess book.  

Click HERE  to download five games of this event, all un-annotated. 

 ---> A complete list of the prize-winners is given below.   

  List of Prize Winners  

(Where there were more than two players in a class, extra prize money was given back to this group. Our initial prize fund estimate was based on twenty-two players, we had a total turnout of 15. 15/22 = 68.1% This was all we required to give out in prizes. Additionally, the flyer stipulated that there must be two in a class to receive a prize, we gave out "A" and "D" money of $10.00 each, even though we were not required to pay this money out. In both the "C" class and the "E/UNR" class, we gave back EXTRA money, over and above the required percentage. It has ALWAYS been the Pensacola Chess Club's policy to reward the class of players who support our tournaments, regardless of the rating. FOR EXAMPLE: Many years ago, we had a tournament with seven class "B" players, we awarded a first, second AND a third place in that class, although we advertised a first place prize only. You can rest assured that when you attend a PCC event, your participation is recognized in the way that counts!) 


1st Place + First Overall Trophy and the Turkey - A.J. Goldsby I -- $ 51.00 

2nd place (plus first Class "A") {tie}  -  Joe Jurjevich and Dr. J. Perciballi -- $ 15.00 each

1st place, Class "B" {tie}  -  Michael Thornton and Keenan Olson  -- $ 10.00 each 

1st place, Class "C" {tie}  -  Bart Hekimian and Abraham Nielsen  -- $ 20.00 each  
(Abraham Nielsen won the "Best Under 1600" trophy, Bart Hekimian donated his winnings back to the club. Thanks Bart!)  

1st Place, Class "D" - Damon Woods  -- $ 10.00  (Only person in his class.)  

1st place, Class "E" / Unrated {tie} - Bill Logsdon and Charles Clarke -- $ 10.00 each 

The event was ably directed by the club's TD, Mr. Stephen Davis.  (A.J. served as Steve's assistant.)  

Click  HERE  to see the cross-table of this event.  

  The game of the tournament.  

  J. Perciballi (1900) - J. Jurjevich (2170);  
  PCC Turkey Shoot / Heritage Room, (Baptist Hospital)  
  Pensacola, FL (USA) (R#3)  11,11,2006.  

 1.d4 Nf6;  2.c4 e6;  3.Nc3 d5;  4.cxd5,   
Dr. John Perciballi is very experienced with the Exchange Variation, and he has a good understanding of its basic ideas. (We have played many training games in this system.)  


 4...exd5;  5.Bg5 Be7;  6.e3 0-0;  
Black castles, this is nearly always correct.   


[ One of the main lines is: 
   6...c67.Qc2 Nbd7 8.Bd3 0-09.Nf3 Re8 10.0-0 Nf811.h3,  "+/="  
   with a solid edge for White.  

   GM A. Karpov - GM N. Short; 2nd WchT / Lucerne, 1989.   
   {White won a long game.}   

   [For more info on this opening, please see MCO-14, pg. # 411. ] ]  


 7.Bd3 h6;  8.Bh4 Be6;   
This may not be the best square for this particular piece. (The move, 8...b6 is the book line.)  


 9.Nge2! c5!?;  
This is very active ... but it also will leave Black with an isolated Queen's Pawn. (>/= 9...Nbd7)   


 10.0-0 Nc6!?;  11.dxc5! Bxc5;  12.Nf4,   
This is good, but Rc1 might have been a little better.  


This leaves Black with gaping holes on his King-side, 12...Be7 might have been wiser.  


 13.Nxe6 fxe6;  14.Bg3 Bd6;  15.Rc1 Bxg3;  16.hxg3 e5?;   
Black goes for center domination, but he falls into a clever trap.   


     [ >/= 16...Ne5!; 17.Be2, "~"  ("+/=") ]  


A winning reply, now if Black takes with the Queen, Bc4 pins and wins this mobile piece. 
(Black may have only expected  17.e4, "+/="  with only a small edge for White.)   


 17...Nxd5;  18.Bc4 Kg7;   
Black steps out of the pin, if instead 18...Nce7; then 19.e4 regains the material ... with interest.   


 19.Qxd5 Qf6;   
Not surprisingly, Black - who is a Pawn down - does not wish to swap the Queens.   


This dominates the light squares and prepares to invade on the key b1-h7 diagonal.  


 20...Ne7!?;  21.Bd3 Rh8;  22.Rc7,   
This is good, as was f2-f4.   


 22...b6;  23.Rfc1,   (>/= 23.f4!)   23...Rhc8;  ('?')   
This loses, 23...h5 was a much better try for Black.  


This wins.   
(White also had the incredible retort of >/= 24.R1c6!!, when Fritz shows that Black cannot avoid a mate.)   


 24...Qxe7;  25.Qh7+ Kf8;  26.Qf5+,  "+/-"  Black Resigns.   

A solid effort by White, he was on top the whole game and never really in trouble. 
(A big upset, more than 250 rating points separated these two players.) 


  1 - 0  

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