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Results of events

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Meeting times for the PENSACOLA CHESS CLUB:  

The P.C.C. meets at the "Books-A-Million" ... ... ... 6235 North Davis Highway. (Near University Mall.) 

Thursdays - We usually start around 6:00 PM. (And we are often there until closing.)  
Sundays - The meetings usually start at 2:00 PM in the afternoon ... and we are there until the last person leaves. (Which often meant, at least in bygone days, that I have stayed until it was time for the bookstore to close.)  

 The PCC May Tornado 


Date held:  Saturday; May 27th, 2006 . 

The event was won by  Rick Frye  who powered through a small - but fairly strong field. (Rick picked up a check for first prize and a trophy.) Abraham Nielsen won the "Top - Under 1600" trophy and first in his class. Don Fournier was first in class "C" and also had three points. Damon Woods was best "E/Unrated." Joshua Stewart gave Rick a real scare in their game (but lost) - and also picked up the check for second place. (Congrats to all the prize winners!)  [See the USCF cross-table.]  

  •   In addition to the prize money, two chess books were raffled off. (free)  

  •   Bart Hekimian donated a crystal chess set for the best junior player.  

  (Download this flyer in MS-Word format.)  

  The PCC July Tornado  

Date held:  Saturday; July 29th, 2006 . 

Rick Frye and A.J. Goldsby tied for first in a tournament with 15 players. A good time was had by all, a list of ALL the prize fund winners will be posted later. (Here is the link to the USCF cross-table.)  

----> More details to be posted shortly, click here to download the (old) flyer for this event. 

  The (fall) Pensacola Open  

Date held:  Saturday and Sunday;  October 21st October 22nd, 2006.  

The Pensacola Chess Club held our first five round swiss (tournament) in over five years. We had a modest turnout, with a total of 15 {fully} paid entries. (One person arrived late, and only played the third and fourth rounds.)  

A.J. Goldsby won clear first. There was a four-way tie for second with 3.5 points, this event has its very own page, click here for all the information on this PCC tournament.  

  The Pensacola vs. Mobile Match  

Date held:  Sunday; November 05th, 2006. 

After much haggling and wrangling over the site and the number of boards ... the match was finally held. The site was the Medical Meeting Rooms at the Baptist Hospital. (Click here for more details.) 

  The P.C.C. "Turkey Shoot"   

Date held:  Saturday; November 11th, 2006. 

We had a nice one day tournament, with a solid turn out, especially considering that this event was not advertised in the USCF magazine. Lots of great chess, a few upsets, and one guy grabs the turkey. Want details? Then please click here.  

The First P.T.S.O. (2010) 

Date held:  Saturday; April 17th, 2010. 

We had a fair turn-out, 15 in total, although not everyone was able to play the full schedule. A.J. Goldsby won clear 1st, Dr. John Perciballi was clear second. (More details to be posted later.

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