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  The Pensacola Open  

  October 21st and 22nd, 2006.   

To download the original flyer, click here.  When the USCF cross-table becomes available, the link will be available here

 Recalculated Prize Fund    (Total - $435.00)


1st Place - $110.00 plus Trophy  

2nd Place - $55.00

1st Expert – $30.00 



1st Class “B” - $75.00

(Trophy – to “Top “Under 1600”)   

1st Class “C”  - $35.00

1st Class “D + E” – $35.00  

1st Unrated $65.00

2nd Unrated  $30.00  

A FREE book was raffled off, anyone who paid an entry fee in this tournament was eligible! 
(Mr. Michael Thornton won the book raffle.)

According to an annual USCF business report, affiliates normally pay out less than 55% of entry fees in prize funds. The Pensacola Chess Club will pay out 73% of collected entry fees as prize funds. Further, there are trophies and a free book. A rough tally sheet reveals that the club will probably break even in this tournament. (The actual turn-out was 15 paid entries, the prize fund was based on an expected turn-out of 20 people.) 

We wound up with five or six unrateds, one was a very late entry, who only played two rounds.

 The story of the tournament 

We had a solid turn-out, although fifteen people (to begin with) was something of a let-down. However, being this was our first weekend swiss in over five years, it may be something to build on. 

The event was also a first for the club, we now have our own laptop and the program to run the pairings. This can only make things easier and better, especially in the long run. 

A.J. Goldsby started strong, defeating Bart Hekimian, Mike Thornton, Joe Jurjevich and Rick Frye in rounds one through four. This strong start gave A.J. a virtual lock on first place. It would be easy to look at the score-table and say, "Well he's a master, and the highest-rated player ...  we would expect as much." However, it was not at all easy for A.J., Bart Hekimian gave A.J. a very long and tough struggle in the very first round. (It was the last game to finish well into the second time control.) Mike Thornton came within one move of beating the master in the second time control, after A.J. missed a fairly easy win in the opening. A.J. played a nice win against Joe Jurjevich, one spectator opined that A.J.'s surprise king-hunt was more like black magic than chess. Rick Frye (as White) made a bad error in the opening. To Rick's credit, he managed to greatly complicate things and although the game lasted well into the second time control, the result was never really in doubt.  

Joe played solid chess, as did Rick Frye. (Both lost only to A.J.) These two drew in the last round to end up with 3.5 points each, this put both players in a tie for second place and top expert. 

A.J.'s student, Abraham Nielsen, continued to play great chess, and lost only to Joe Jurjevich. Abraham's rating has gone from low 1300 to nearly 1600 in just three tournaments! (Two of these were 4-round, one day events!!) Abraham won the prize for first "Class C" and also nabbed the "Best Under-1600" Trophy. 

Steve, (the club TD); watched many of the games, just about all the players played good chess, many of the games went well into the second time control and were decided at the very end. (It was fun ... although a bit nerve-wracking ... to watch!) 

 ---> A complete list of the prize-winners is given below.   

The event was ably directed by the club's TD, Mr. Stephen Davis.  (A.J. served as Steve's assistant.)  



Prizes awarded 
  (Checks were mailed out on Thursday, October 26th, 2006.) 

(clear) 1st Place, A.J. Goldsby I -  $110.00, plus the First Place trophy. 


The following four people were all tied with 3.5 points. They brought in 2nd overall, Top Expert, Class "B" and "C" money. Mr. Toifel was entitled to the largest prize that he was eligible for, see page 182 of the 5th edition of the book, "USCF Official Rules of Chess.") 
2nd Place + Top Expert,  Joe Jurjevich  -  $40.00  
2nd Place + Top Expert,  Rick Frye  -  $ 40.00  

1st Class "B"  Ron Toifel  -  $75.00  

1st Class "C"  Abraham Nielsen - $ 40.00 (plus the trophy for "Top Player under 1600.")  


1st Class "D" (tie),  Thomas Wesson - $ 17.50  
1st Class "D" (tie),  Iron Thomley - $17.50  

1st (top) Unrated,  Charles Clarke - $65.00  
2nd Unrated,  Bill Logsdon - $30.00  

Mr. John Gray, upon learning that PCC might have went into the hole for approximately $37.00, he promptly made out a check to the club for $40.00. The Pensacola Chess Club wishes to thank Mr. Gray for his kind, generous support.  


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