Fantasy Game for 2-4+ players. 
Each player controls a Group of Heroes and tries to be the first to 
Complete multiple Quests. Each Quest requires the destruction of a 
Major Foe. 

Short Game: Be the first to Complete 3 Quests. 
Mid Game: Be the first to complete 5 Quests. 
Long Game: Be the first to complete 7 Quests.

Dice: Six, Eight, and Twenty Sided. 
Multicolored Pawns (1 for each Player) 
Trap Deck
Hero Deck
Relic Deck
Action Deck
Quest Deck
Terrain Tile Set (100 Tiles)
Game Board (Map) 10 X 10 Grid
Gold Tokens
Experience (XP) Tokens
Level Tokens
Quest Markers

Quest Deck     Card List	
Trap Deck     Card List
Hero Deck     Card List
Relic Deck     Card List
Terrain Tiles     Tile List
Action Deck     Card List

Distribute the 100 Terrain Tiles randomly to the Map. 
The Blank Map Board has 100 Spaces (It is 10 X 10). 
One Terrain Tile per Space. 
All Tiles touching the edge of the Map are considered to be Coastal. 
Note: There are a few Tiles that are required to be Coastal. When drawn, 
Place them on a Coastal space, or even switch with another Tile if necessary. 
Shuffle each of the 5 Decks. Keep them separate. 
Each player picks a Pawn of a different color. A Pawn represents a player’s 
Party of Heroes and is used to indicate the Parties position on the Map. 
Players roll high on the 1D20 to determine Turn Order. 
Draw 1 Quest Card equal to the number of players. Set active Quest cards next 
to the Map and place a Quest Marker on the Quest’s designated Terrain Tile. 
Player Pawns must start in the City, Town, Castle, Village, Outpost or Hamlet. 
Each player Draws 6 Hero Cards. This is their Starting Party. 
Each player Draws a Hand of 5 Action Cards. This is their Starting Hand. 

A party may contain up to 6 Heroes. Dismiss extra Heroes. 
Keep your Hero cards face up on the table in front of you. 
Party Size may be increased by certain card abilities. 
In no case can Party size ever be greater than 8. 

Each Hero can have up to 2 Relics. 
Only one of those Relics may be a Staff or a Weapon. Discard excess Relics. 
Potions do not count against this limit. A party may have any number of Potions. 
Relic Cards are kept stacked under the owning Heroes Card. 
If killed, a Heroes Relics may be redistributed to other Heroes, unless the 
Hero was separated in which case the Relics are lost too. 

Max Hand size is 5 Cards. Discard excess cards at the end of your turn. 
Hand size Limit may be increased by certain card abilities. 
In no case can Hand Size ever be greater than 10. 

The Map should always have a minimum number of Quests equal to the 
Number of Players. There may be a Max = the Number of Players +2. 
If there are excess Quests, discard extra Quests at random. 

If a Deck ever runs out, shuffle the Discard and draw from it. 

Players take turns. Each turn has 4 Phases: 
1. Move Phase
2. Quest Phase
3. Terrain Phase
4. End Phase

Move your Pawn 1 Space on the Map. 
Moves must be orthogonal not diagonal. 
If you hired a Guide last turn you may move 1 extra Space. 
Some Heroes, Relics, and Actions allow you to move extra Spaces. 
If you bought passage on a Ship last turn you may move to any Coastal Space. 
More than one Pawn can occupy a Space at the same time.
Some Action Cards are used in this Phase. If so fill your Action Hand back 
to its Normal Hand Size. 

If your Party enters a Space occupied by a Quest, they must undertake 
that Quest. Each Quest has a number of encounters equal to 
the Quest Length (As stated on the Quest Card). For each Encounter roll 
1D8 on the Encounter Table: 

1D8	Encounter:	Notes: 
1	Nothing		Nothing Happens
2	Lesser Minion	As Described on Quest Card
3	Minor Minion	As Described on Quest Card
4	Greater Minion	As Described on Quest Card
5	Trap		Draw 1 Trap Card and Resolve it
6	Captive		Gain 1 Hero (Draw 1 from top of Deck) 
7	Relic		Gain 1 Relic (Draw 1 from top of Deck)
8	Gold		Gain 1 Gold Token

Lesser Minions always have a Fight Value of 5. 
Minor Minions always have a Fight Value of 10. 
Greater Minions always have a Fight Value of 15. 
Some Card abilities allow you to Auto-Defeat (AD) certain types of 
Minions. If you do not have this ability you must fight the Minion: 
Roll 1D20. Add the Total Levels of all of your Heroes. 
Add all your applicable Fight Bonuses. Next Subtract the 
Fight Value of the Minion. If the total is 15 or more, you take no 
Casualties. If it is 14 or less, then 1D3 Random Heroes are killed. 

If you are unable to Auto-Defeat (AD) a Trap, then 
1D3 Random Heroes are killed. 

After completing all Encounters in a Quest, you must face the Final Foe. 
The Foe is a Large Enemy with a Fight Value of 15, 20, 25, or 30. 
The Foe must also has 2 or 3 Lives and must be defeated that many times. 
Otherwise resolve the Foe battle just as you would with any Minion. 
After Defeating the Final Foe receive the Quest Rewards which will 
Include a Combination of Gold, Heroes, and Relics. 

After each Encounter fill your Action Hand back to its Normal Hand Size. 

At any time during a Quest the player may have his Party retreat. 
Go immediately to End Phase. 

If you enter a Space that does not have a Quest, you may take a Terrain 
Action. There are 15 types of Actions available. These are explained below. 
However, any given Terrain will only have a few of these Actions available. 
The Actions available in a Terrain are listed on the Terrain Tile List. 

Nothing – Always available at all Terrains
Recruit – Gain 1 Hero (Costs 3 Gold)
Gift – Gain 1 Gold Token 
Guide – Party gets Move +1 Next Turn (Costs 1 Gold)
Buy Relic – Gain 1 Relic (Costs 4 Gold) You may Ignore Potions
Intrigue – Gain 2 XP Tokens
Ship – Move to any Coastal Space next turn (Costs 2 Gold) 
Rest – Discard Action Hand and Draw new Hand
Fortune – Look at next 5 Cards in Any Deck (Costs 1 Gold) 
Mission – Play top Quest Card to the Map 
Pray – Search Action Deck for a Card and put it in your Hand
Alchemist – Search Relic Deck for Potion (Costs 1 Gold) 
Train – Hero Gains 1 Level Token (Costs 2 Gold) 
Study – Gain 1 XP Token and Draw 2 Action Cards
Explore – Roll once on the Encounter Table. See Notes below

Minions encountered will be of a Random Type. 
Roll on the Random Minion Encounter Table: 

1D20	Type (Tag): 
1	Men
2	Humanoid
3	Monster
4	Beast
5	Dragon
6	Giant
7	Animated
8	Fighter or Rogue
9	Demon
10	Undead
11	Spirit
12	Plant
13	Slime
14	Fey
15	Swarm
16	Cold
17	Fire
18	Earth
19	Water
20	Mage or Priest

Some Action cards are used in this Phase. 
Replenish Quest Cards. 
Discard excess Action Cards or fill your Action Hand back to its Normal Hand Size. 

Encountering Traps and Enemies will earn you XP Tokens:
XP	Encounter: 
1	Trap
1	Lesser Minion
2	Minor Minion
3	Greater Minion
5	Final Foe

Experience Tokens can be used 3 ways:
XP	Use: 
2	Reroll Target Die Roll (That you made) 
1	Get Fight +1 (One Encounter)
7	Hero gains 1 Level Token

These can be earned by spending XP Tokens or paying 
Gold with the Train Terrain Action. 
Place the token on a Target Hero. 
The Hero gains 1 Level and Fight +1. 

Your Party may carry any number of Gold Tokens. 
Gold is used to pay for Various Terrain Actions. 

These are found on Hero, Relic, and Action Cards.
A partial list is given below: 

Bring a Target Hero that was just killed back to life. 

If a Hero with this ability is killed he actually survives if he 
Is able to roll a 5 or 6 on a 1D6. 

Defeat a Trap or Minion or 1 Life of a Final Foe. 
These are usually specific to certain Tags such as Cold or Dragon. 

Roll 1D6 or 1D8 to determine random Hero Deaths. Reroll as necessary. 
When a Hero is killed discard his card. 
Redistribute his Relics. If no one can use them or there are too 
many discard these too. 
If the party is completely wiped out, skip your next turn and start over 
with 6 new Heroes. Move your Pawn to a random starting location:

1D6	Location:
1	City
2	Town
3	Village
4	Hamlet
5	Port
6	Castle

Opponent - Opposing Player
Enemy - Minions and Final Foes
Encounters - Usually refers to any result an the Encounter Table

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