Most Relics have a Hero Type Requirement. 
For instance a Relic might only be useable by a Mage or a Rogue. 

Potions are Single Use. 
There are 3 Copies of each listed Potion in the Relic Deck. 

Req = Requirement
Ftr = Fighter
FR = Fighter or Rogue
RM = Rogue or Mage
PF = Fighter or Priest
PM = Priest or Mage
Any = Any Hero Type
HS = Hand Size
PS = Party Size
AD = Auto-Defeat
** = Once per Quest

Req:	Relic:			Notes:
Rogue	Cloak of Invisibility	Save. Fight +2
Ftr	Vorpal Blade		AD** Monster or Giant. Fight +1
Rogue	Flying Carpet		AD Falls. Move +1
Mage	Staff of Power		Fight +3
Mage	Staff of Wizardry	HS +1. Fight +1
Rogue	Dagger of Venom		AD** Rogue or Mage or Priest or Fighter
Mage	Wand of Paralyzing 	AD** Greater Minion
Any	Potion of Healing	Potion. Heal or AD Acid or Poison
PM	Bracers of Defense	Save. Fight +1
Any	Ring of Protection	Save
Ftr	Demon Sword		Fight +3
FR	Blade of Warning	Fight +4 vs Ambush Minion. Fight +1
PM	Staff of Fire		AD** Cold Trap or Enemy. Fight +1
PM	Staff of Freezing	AD** Fire Trap or Enemy. Fight +1
Priest	Holy Symbol		AD** Undead or Spirit or Demon
Any	Holy Water		Potion. AD Undead or Demon or Slime 
PF	Mace of Disruption	Fight +5 vs Undead or Demon
FT	Elder Bow		Fight +2
Ftr	Titan Shield		AD Energy. Save. Fight +3 vs Final Foes
PF	Mithril Mail		Save. Fight +1. AD Blade
RM	Gem of True Seeing	AD** Trap
RM	Deck of Many Things	Draw 2 Action Cards**
Mage	Wand of Illusions	AD** Men or Humanoids
Priest	Staff of Healing	Heal** or AD** Poison or Acid
Any	Ring of Fire Resistance	AD** Fire Trap or Enemy 
Any	Ring of Cold Resistance	AD** Cold Trap or Enemy
Priest	Holy Hand Grenade	AD Any Enemy. Single Use
Ftr	Flaming Sword		AD** Cold Trap or Enemy. Fight +2
Ftr	Cold Brand Blade	AD** Fire Trap or Enemy. Fight +2
Any	Coral Helm		AD** Water Trap or Enemy
Ftr	Trident			AD** Water Trap or Enemy. Fight +2
PM	Rod of Blasting		AD** Earth Trap or Enemy. Fight +1
Mage	Ring of Levitation	AD** Falls. Fight +1
Any	Spirit Jar		AD Spirit or Curse. Single Use
PM	Dragon Orb		AD** Dragon
Ftr	Rune Sword		Fight +4 vs Greater Minions and Final Foes
Mage	Crystal Ball		Look** at top 5 cards of any Deck
Mage	Philosophers Stone	AD** Slime or Acid. Gain 1 Gold in End Phase
Mage	Magic Hour Glass	Reroll** 1 Target Die Roll
Any	Acid Flask		Potion. Fight +3
Ftr	Bright Shield		AD Gaze and Blade. Fight +1. Save
Ftr	Holy Sword		Fight +4 vs Undead and Demons. Fight +2
PF	Holy Armor		Save. Fight +3 vs Undead and Demons and Fey
Ftr	Magic Shovel		AD** Delay or Earth Trap or Enemy.
Rogue	Enchanted Lute		AD** Beast or Swarm or Fey or Curse
Ftr	Rod of Rulership	PS +1
Ftr	Goblin Bane Sword	Fight +4 vs Humanoids and Fey. Fight +1
Ftr	Dragon Lance		AD** Dragons. Fight +1
Rogue	Sling of Seeking	AD** Giants. Fight +1
Mage	Tome of Wisdom		HS +1. AD** Wits or Curse or Spirit
Ftr	Eldritch Blade		AD** Spirit or Fey or Plants. Fight +2
Mage	Lightning Rod		AD** Energy or Animated. Fight +2
Ftr	Sword of Slaying	AD** Monster or Beast. Fight +1
Mage	Spell Book		Draw 2 Mage Spells from the Action Deck**

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