Each player keeps a Hand of Action Cards. 
Each Action Card has a Hero Type Requirement. 
Only certain Heroes are able to use certain Actions. 
Some Action Cards have the Additional Tag of Spell usually in the Card Title. 
All Action cards are single use. They are discarded as soon as they are used. 
Note that Most Cards are used during Quests, however some can be used 
At other times such as those that give your Party Move +1. 

Req = Requirement
Ftr = Fighter
Any = Any type of Hero
AD = Auto-Defeat
Returning = 50% to get this Card Back Immediately. 

Req:	Title:			Notes:
Mage	Fireball Spell		AD Cold Enemy or Fight +4
Mage	Blizzard Spell		AD Fire Enemy or Fight +3
Mage	Lightning Bolt Spell	AD Greater Minion or Fight +4
Mage	Magic Missile Spell	Fight +2. Returning
Mage	Invisibility Spell	AD Minor Minion or Fight +4
Mage	Haste Spell		Move +1. Fight +4
Mage	Fly Spell		Move +1. AD Fall	
Mage	Scry Spell		Look at next 5 cards in any Deck
Mage	Alter Reality Spell	Reroll Target Die Roll
Priest	Resurrection Spell	Heal or AD Undead
Rogue	Backstab		AD Fighter or Rogue or Mage or Priest  
Ftr	Dragon Slayer		AD Dragon
Ftr	Giant Slayer		AD Giant
Ftr	Goblin Slayer		AD Humanoid
Rogue	Detect Traps		AD Trap
Rogue	Disable Trap		AD Trap
Ftr	Witch Hunter		AD Mage or Priest
Ftr	Vampire Hunter		AD Undead
Ftr	Beast Slayer		AD Beast
Ftr	Monster Slayer		AD Monster
Ftr	Archer			Fight +3. Returning
Rogue	Stealth			Save or Fight +4
Priest	Turn Undead		AD Undead
Priest	Exorcism Spell		AD Spirits
Priest	Banish Spell		AD Demons
Priest	Summon Champion 	Gain 1 Hero
Rogue	Pick Pockets		Gain 1 Gold in End Phase
Mage	Mirage			Target Opponent misses Next Turn
Mage	Artificer		AD Animated or Gain 1 Relic in End Phase
Mage	Alchemy			AD Poison or Gain 1 Potion in End Phase
Mage	Sleep Spell		AD Humanoids or Men or Beasts
Mage	Charm Spell		AD Men or Beasts or Monster
Priest	Command Spell		AD Men or Demons or Beasts
Mage	Death Spell		AD Greater or Minor Minion 
Mage	Petrification Spell	AD Greater Minion or Final Foe
Mage	Illusion Spells		Fight +4 and Draw 1 Action Card
Priest	Cure Spell		AD Poison. Heal
Priest	Restore Spell		AD Curse. Heal
Mage	True Sight Spell	AD Trap or Ambush
Rogue	Bluff			Save or Draw 2 Action Cards
Rogue	Trap Master		AD Trap. Fight +3
Rogue	Pick Locks		Quest Length -1 or AD Delay
Rogue	Find Secret Passage	Quest Length -1 or AD Separate
Mage	Lore			Quest Length -1 or AD Wits
Ftr	Mighty Deed		AD Greater Minion or Delay
Ftr	Prowess			Fight +4
Ftr	Feat of Strength	AD Earth or Giant or Delay
Rogue	Acrobatics		Fight +2. Returning
Ftr	Heavy Armor		Save or Fight +3
Ftr	Shield Bash		Fight +3 and Draw 1 Action Card
Priest	Prayer Spell		Heal or Draw 2 Action Cards
Priest	Miracle Spell		Heal or AD Enemy
Mage	Wish Spell		Search Action Deck for Any 1 Card
Ftr	Tactics			Fight +2 and Draw 2 Action Cards
Rogue	Steal			Take 1 Random Relic from Opponent in End Phase
Any	Riding Horses		Move +1 or AD Beasts
Any	Wilderness Guide	Move +1 or AD Fey
Any	Caravan Trader		You may buy a Relic for 3 Gold in End Phase
Any	Short Rest		Discard 3 Action Cards and Draw Replacements
Any	Allies			Fight +3 for the rest of this Quest
Rogue	Poison Master		AD Poison or Beast
Mage	Cloud Kill Spell	AD Humanoids or Men or Beast or Plants
Mage	Summon Monster Spell	Fight +5 or AD Monster
Ftr	Hack and Slash		All Fighters get Fight +2
Priest	Convert			Take 1 Random Hero from Opponent in End Phase
Priest	Insect Swarm Spell	Fight +5 or AD Swarm
Mage	Polymorph Spell		AD Greater Minion
Priest	Raise Dead Spell	Heal or Fight +4
Rogue	Cut Purse		Take 1 Gold from Opponent in End Phase
Priest	Purification Spell	AD Acid or Poison or Slime
Mage	Ward Spells		AD Removal or Ambush
Mage	Earth to Mud Spell	AD Animated or Earth
Mage	Gust of Wind Spell	AD Swarm or Fight +2
Mage	Water Breathing Spell	AD Water
Mage	Fire Shield Spell	AD Cold or Fight +2
Mage	Wall of Ice Spell	AD Fire or Fight +2
Mage	Force Field Spell	AD Energy or Blade or Fight +3
Priest	Wither Spell		AD Plant or Fey or Fight +2

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