There are 100 Terrain Tiles. 
The Terrain Table lists them all as well as what Terrain Actions are 
Available at them. It can also be used to select a Random Terrain. 
In parenthesis are the Quests that can appear at that Terrain)

1D00	Terrain:		Notes:
1	Marsh			Explore (Lizard King)
2	Fungal Forest		Explore (Moss Monster)
3	Desert Ruins		Explore (Pale Sphinx)
4	War Camp		Train, Guide, Rest (Orc Warlord)
5	Frozen Fortress		Explore (Ice Queen)
6	Greek Wilderness	Explore (Horrible Hydra)
7	Labyrinth		Explore (Cerebus)
8	Sylvan Forest		Explore (Fairy Queen)
9	Palace			Quest, Gift, Intrigue, Rest, Train, Study (Efreeti Sultan)
10	Forest			Explore (Master of the Hunt)
11	Cursed Castle		Explore (Vampire Lord)
12	Submerged Temple	Coastal, Explore (Father Dagon)
13	Caves			Explore (Goblin King)
14	Keep			Gift, Guide, Rest, Train (Kobold Overlord)
15	Labs			Alchemist, Study (Biomancer)
16	Hidden Temple		Explore, Pray (Evil High Priest)
17	Abandoned Mines 	Gift, Explore (Balrog)
18	Mounds			Explore (Demi-Lich)
19	Ruins			Explore (Skeleton Lord)
20	Workshops		Buy Relic, Study (Master Artificer) 
21	Barrens			Explore (Demon General)
22	Necropolis		Explore (Nefarious Necromancer)
23	Swamp			Explore (Zombie Master)
24	Volcano			Explore (Fire Giant King)
25	Pyramid			Explore (Pharaoh) 
26	Ziggurat		Fortune, Explore (Thunderbird) 
27	Badlands		Explore (Behemoth) 
28	Savannah		Explore
29	Jungle			Explore (Giant Gorilla)
30	Oracle			Fortune (Master of Illusion)
31	Lagoon			Coastal, Explore
32	City			Recruit, Buy Relic, Alchemist, Rest, Ship
33	Town			Recruit, Rest
34	Village			Guide, Rest
35	Woods			Explore (Craw Wyrm) 
36	Mountains		Explore (Blue Dragon)
37	Wastelands		Explore (Terrible Tarrasque)
38	Shire			Guide, Rest
39	Dwarven Mines		Gift, Recruit, Rest
40	Elven Woods		Guide, Rest, Recruit
41	Desert			Explore (Lamia)
42	Crags			Explore (Storm Giant) 
43	Bog			Explore (Green Dragon)
44	Hamlet			Guide, Rest
45	Pagan Temple		Pray
46	Port			Coastal, Ship, Recruit, Rest
47	Hills			Explore (Hill Giant Chief)
48	Caverns			Explore (Purple Worm) 
49	Tower			Study, Recruit, Guide (Mad Mage) 
50	Underworld		Explore (Insane Beholder) 
51	Outpost			Guide, Rest, Recruit
52	Fire Pits		Explore (Hellion)
53	Lair			Explore (Red Dragon)
54	Citadel			Train, Recruit, Gift, Rest, Guide (Elder Mind Flayer) 
55	Cemetery		Explore (Unholy Revenant) 
56	River			Ship, Explore (River Dragon) 
57	Pirate Coast		Coastal, Ship, Explore (Ghost Ship)
58	Underdark		Explore (Drow Queen) 
59	Dungeon 		Explore (Dungeon Keeper) 
60	Chaos Lands		Explore (Prince of Chaos)
61	Crater			Explore (Cosmic Horror)
62	Greek Coast		Coastal, Ship, Explore (Bronze Colossus)
63	Peaks			Explore (Soaring Roc)
64	Taiga			Explore (Grendel)
65	Fen			Explore (Witch Queen) 
66	Dojo			Train, Rest (Celestial Dragon)
67	Pagoda			Pray, Fortune (Ghost of the Shogun) 
68	Sea Cliffs		Coastal, Ship, Explore (Kaiju) 
69	Monastery		Pray, Study, Rest
70	Church			Pray, Rest, Recruit
71	Monolith		Fortune, Pray, Rest
72	Library			Study, Rest
73	Lake			Explore (Lake Monster)
74	Tundra			Explore (Frost Giant King) 
75	Flooded Caves		Coastal, Explore (Giant Octopus) 
76	Steppes			Explore (Hobgoblin Khan) 
77	Rain Forest		Explore (Phoenix) 
78	Valley			Explore (Enchantress)
79	Cloud Castle		Explore (Cloud Giant) 
80	Canyon			Explore
81	Ravine			Explore (Remorhaz) 
82	Cliffs			Explore
83	Shrine			Pray, Fortune, Rest
84	Jungle Basin		Explore (T. Rex) 
85	Borderlands		Explore
86	Heath			Explore
87	Castle  		Quest, Train, Recruit, Intrigue, Rest
88	Farmland		Guide, Rest
89	Terraces		Explore
90	Bleak Shore		Coastal, Explore (Kraken) 
91	Salt Flats		Coastal, Explore
92	Geyser			Explore
93	Oasis			Explore
94	Tulgey Woods		Explore (Jabberwocky) 
95	Everglades		Explore
96	Snowfields		Explore
98	Scrubland		Explore
99	Bluffs			Explore
00	Moor			Explore (Black Dragon)

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