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RPG Games

Things you need for an RPG

The Best RPG's of all time.

Car Wars
Dungeons and Dragons
DC Comics
Pikachu Adventure (What is this world coming to?)
Man to man.
And coming soon...
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Hello people! My name is David, but you can call me DK. You know, I was thinking lately, what would the world be like without RPG's? Well, if it wasn't for RPG's, we could be called Britian Jr. Why? Well, in 1812, Britian was about to kick our US butts, when Genreal Sam said to General Dan "You know Dan, we are losing. But I bet I could beat you one-on-one" Dan replied back, "Nice try Sam, but you know I would win." Sam said, "Not if it was a battle of the wits." Dan said, "You're on." When Dan started to get out his Brain-quest, Sam stopped him. "No Dan. I mean in a real game. Like... AN RPG. Officer Dan thought, then accepted. The battle went on for days. One day, a soldier suddenly realized something, He took out his speakerphone and said "WHERE ARE THE GENERALS?" Everyone stopped. The guns stopped, the fire stopped, the bunnies stopped, the drums stopped, the grass stopped, the world stopped, the rocks stopped.... then they all went to find them. Once they got there, they saw something: Sam laughing. Dan had been stupid enough to leave a door open in dungeons and dragons.... and a goblin had walked in, and killed his elf. Then his cleric used a save vs. die spell, but missed and shot a wall, which exploded, causing a pack of sewer-rats to attack, eating his cleric, then they attacked the Halfling, which died. The magic-user shot a magic missle but missed and exploded himself. And Sam won.

Which goes to show ya: RPG's are a very important game. Anyway, this is my site, I hope you like it. BYE! Check back for updates! They're coming soon! Keep those RPG's going! Sign My Guestbook Get your own FREE Guestbook from 
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