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CAR WARS. Yes, that's right. Car wars is a very cool RPG. IT features over 60 vehicles to choose from, or you can fly a helicopter or conduct a train, or even a submarine! Here's what it's about.

Car wars is a game of the freeways of future-where the right of way goes to the biggest guns. Players choose their vehicles-complete with weapons, armor, power plants, suspension, and even body armor style. Then they take them out on the road- to come home as "aces," or to crash and burn. A highly realistic grid system controls movement. Scenario rules make this a roleplating game: If a player character survives, his avilities improve, and he can accumulate money to purchase bigger and better cars. Advanced rules let players design their own vehicles from ground up
Isn't that so cool. If you buy the Dulexe Editions and Expansion sets along with Dueltrack, you can have over 100 vehicles.

Additional scenarios

Officer Ray Brown
Time Travel
Money Mayhem

Additional items needed