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Army. Army. AAAARRRRMYYYY! Army is a masterpiece. It is the only RPG to be released before 1990 that takes about a week to beat a portion of boot camp. The reason army is the coolest game is becuase the terrian is 3-D. It is about as big as 2 king sized beds put together. The characters are so real and so is the game. The only drawback to ARMY, is it is so old most RPG stores won't have it anymore, and if they so they probably don't have the full game. Another drawback, is it's price. To get your hands on a decent version, with everything included, it would close to $300. Also: DO NOT BUY INDEVIDUAL PEICES! Here is the dumbest mistake to make.

The Rocket Launcher man is very rare. You don't have it. Then, one day, you spot it in a plastic bag for $6.00. Since you know it's rare, you buy it. WRONG! That is a dumb move. It may take a little work, but you can find an entire ARMY team, including 4 grendade men, for about $20.00. That is about 70 men for $20.00. That's less then 0.3 of penny per player.


Missle Attack (Best attack in game)

Why no one made a game like ARMY before.