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Top 15 Toon characters

Hah hah! Yee, heh, heh. GAAA HA Ha Ha! You'll be rolling around in lafter if you buy Toon. It is a game for people who understand RPG's, but aren't ready for the big kahuna. Toon features ever single character in the toon world. You can be a alligator, donkey, rabbit, Daffy Duck, Pikachu, WHO CARES? Also, in Toon, you can not die, which makes it a good early RPG game. You can play with more experience to make the characters die, but it takes away some of the fun, since the tricks TOON players will play on each other should be numerous. Read the scenarios. They are good starts.


Fight over the Frittle.
I do not like them anywere!
Electric shutdown (Advanced play, no dying)