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Peaceful Slumber Funeral Parlor
8686 Jronden Blvd


Funeral parlor set in large Gothic home with wrought iron bars on windows and wrought iron doors.
The owner/pedagogue prides himself on the personal touch. The hairdressers, morticians, make-up and hairdressers all work on-site. They are all Chantry members. The pedagogue is the gravedigger and still digs graves with a pick and a shovel.
The Chantry proper is anywhere in the building they please. Even in such bleak times no one wants to wander around a funeral parlor unescorted - except Euthanatos.


Justyn "Justice" Myrader was recently promoted to this lofty position when his mentor decided to go to Transylvania just to see what's there.

Sphere :Entropy


Bones Entropy/ Matter/ Prime
Dancing Correspondence/ Spirit
Dolls Life
Rattle Mind/Time
Weapon Forces