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HELLO! Thank you for your interest in this project. A little background: BLIZZARD PASS was a popular Dungeons and Dragons SOLO Adventure put out in the 1980's. It used an 'invisable ink' pen, so that, based upon your choices, you could color in the boxes and play the game that way. Unfortunately, Once the boxes were colored in, the ink would fade over the years, and the text that was 'hidden' became LOST FOREVER, making this module unplayable! - Now, this game would be playable if we could have a separate numbered "companion", ie: numbered sheets containing all of the 'hidden' enteries that could be referred to throughout the course of the game.

I would like to thank the HUNDREDS of people who have emailed me over the years offering thier contributions and encouragement. I know I didn't always write back to everyone, but I appreciate every email of encouragement, and I would like to thank everyone for thier contributions. I would especially like to thank BENEDICT for his tireless work in providing a darn near complete transcription of the "missing entries", without his help, the completion of this project would never have been possible.


* Some of the text might be slightly off, all "missing" entries are present. In the case where a transcription was unsure, it is prefixed with "UNCLEAR".
* All together, the missing entries total 16 pages. Make sure you have enough paper and ink!

The game should now be playable by printing out the text as a reference for your old Blizzard Pass module so that it can, after all these years, finally be PLAYED!!

Entries have been broken up into four seperate files to make them easier to access for people with slower computers or dial up modems.

Entries divided into four sections

Entries 2 - 88
Entries 91 - 149
Entries 150 - 214
Entries 219 - 309