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Entries 2 - 88

ENTRY 2: As it grows dark, you crawl from your hiding place and climb off the sledge. When your feet touch the snow, you feel a sharp jab in your back. "Ho, varlet!" says a rough voice. "Where'd you come from?" You turn and see two men mounted on ponies. They wear heavy furs and leather armor. One holds a lance level with your chest. The other, a grizzled fellow with a black beard says, "You'd better come along with us." Go to entry 4.

ENTRY 3: You climb out of your hiding place and see several mounted men riding several yards behind the sledge. One of them holds his spear in your direction and cries, "There he is, let's get him!" Several of the mounted men gallop up, holding their weapons ready. When you try to run, the riders quickly surround you. As they circle, you recognize them as the men from the village. Finally, the leader lashes out with a mace and hits you on the head. You awake in a small, well-guarded cell. Though you look for a way to escape, you do not find one. Soon, the guards drag you outside to a scaffold and hang you. Your character is dead. You may roll a new one and start again.

ENTRY 5: You tie the rope around your waist, and stumble forward through the blizzard. The wind whips the snow so hard you cannot even see the sledge. You continue to trudge through the snow, and soon see a few shadowy shapes ahead. You press on through the blizzard, hoping the shapes are the rest of the caravan. Suddenly, you see a pair of beady red eyes moving toward you. A small, ugly creature charges out of the blizzard, a heavy stick raised in his gnarled hand. Roll 1d6. If you roll a 1-4, go to entry 7. If you roll a 5-6, go to entry 8.

ENTRY 6: Visend looks hard at you and curses you for coward. He pulls his dagger and hisses, "Tie this rope around your waist, you... ." His words gurgle in his throat and he falls into your arms. A small arrow juts out of his back. As you hold him, a small, ugly creature charges out of the blizzard. In one hand he carries a bow, and in the other he carries a heavy stick. Go to entry 9.

ENTRY 7: Before you react, the ugly, gray creature slams its stick into your stomach. You fall to your knees, clutching your stomach. The little monster hits you again, this time on your head. Your vision fades, and the world seems to spin. You fall face-first into the snow. Go to entry 14.

ENTRY 11: You grab onto the side of the sledge. The ponies charge blindly through the blizzard in panic. The sledge bounces and lurches as it crashes over the rock-strewn, icy trail. Suddenly, a pony screeches, and the sledge flops onto its side. The accident hurls you into the snow, and a piece of broken runner strikes you in the head. Go to entry 14.

ENTRY 13: You swing at the creature, but it ducks your punch, then strikes you in the stomach with its stick. Gasping your breath, you double over. The creature cracks you across the head. You fall, and try to crawl away from the nasty little monster. Before you make it very far, however, it kicks you under the chin. Go to entry 14.

ENTRY 16: You drop to your hands and knees, searching the grimy floor. Teromil stands next to you. "What're you doing? I think you've lost your mind, I do. Some ugly little thing wants to eat me for dessert, it does. I surely don't see how crawling around on the floor's going to help at all." You explain that you want to save your own neck as much as Teromil wants to save his, but you can't do anything with your bare hands. Without further comment, Teromil drops to the floor and starts running his hands through rubble. Soon, your fingers encounter something cold and stiff in a dirt-filled corner. You scrape the dirt away and find a dull piece of metal 2 inches long. Teromil continues to search the cell, finding nothing but useless trash. You may pick the padlock (18) or wait and see what happens next (21).

ENTRY 17: You grasp the chain and pull, saying, "Help me, you fools!" Teromil comes to your aid immediately, Salamdros slowly stands and stretches, saying, "I suppose it can do no harm. Come, Roderick, let us entertain the fool!" Salamdros and Roderick slowly rise and wrap their hands around the chain. If your strength is 18 or more, go to entry 19. If not, go to entry 20.

ENTRY 21: You hear an off-key humming and the dog-faced creature that tormented you earlier steps into the room. It carries a wineskin that it drinks from occasionally. As it wanders about the room, it mumbles and bumps into stools, and occasionally swings its sword at the walls. A ring of keys hangs from its belt. Salamdros slides over to you and whispers, "This may prove to be our chance. If you can trick that foolish creature into approaching our cage, I will gladly strangle it." You nod to Salamdros, then shout, "Hey, you stuttering runt, I'm hungry. when are you going to feed us?" The creature snarls at you and, grabbing a long stick, approaches the bars. "B-b-be quiet, or I'll p-p-poke you to d-d-death!" when it moves into reach, you and Salamdros try to grab the creature. It has an armor class of 7. If you hit the creature, go to entry 27. If you miss, go to entry 31.

ENTRY 24: You rush out of the cell and tackle the creature. The beast squirms and twists, nearly escaping your grasp. before it works itself completely free, Roderick grabs its ankle. While you and Roderick struggle with the creature, Teromil snatches a stool and hits the creature's head time after time. Finally, a mad fire glowing in his eyes, he stops and says "The creature is dead, isn't it?" Go to entry 32.

ENTRY 25: Roderick and Salamdros run past you, attacking the ugly little creature. Teromil grabs a chair and smashes the creature's head. "Crude, but I imagine it'll do the job," he says. Go to entry 32.

ENTRY 27: The creature turns to run, but Salamdros reaches out and catches its ankle. You stick your hand out and grab its arm. The beast starts to scream, but cannot make a sound. Salamdros releases its ankle and grabs its throat with both hands. The creature soon lies motionless on the floor. With a heave, the two of your drag him back to the bars. Leave the cell and go to entry 32.

ENTRY 31: The creature twists out of your reach, but Salamdros darts his hand through the bars and grabs the beast's ankle. It starts to yell, but you grab its throat and squeeze before it makes much noise. the desperate creature tries to claw free, cutting your arms (take 1 point damage). you maintain your hold, though, and the creature falls to the ground, dead. Salamdros plucks the key from its belt and unlocks the door. Go to entry 32.

ENTRY 38: You step into the room, carefully___ZAG!" screams one of the other creatures.____Fearing they have seen you, go to 39.

ENTRY 39: The creatures__________

ENTRY 42: You slip over to the table unnoticed. Several large knives and 2 iron-shod mallets lie upon it. You select several knives and grab a mallet, then start to leave. One of the little dog-things reels back stumbling toward you. You step back quickly to avoid it, nearly losing your own footing. Luckily, however it screams a war cry and leaps back into the battle. You run to the exit and slip through the curtain, almost knocking Teromil off his feet. "What happened to you in there?" he whispers, "You made enough noise to wake the dead, you did." You explain the situation to your companions while distributing the weapons. Salamdros, Teromil, and you select knives while Roderick takes the mallet. Will you lead the group back to the room with the cell (59), into the room with the battle (49), or ask the others which way they want to go (50)?

ENTRY 52: "Get back to work, runts!" you say in common. They jabber to each other briefly, then shrug their shoulders and go back to work. Will you get your companions and attack the beasts (41), or will you return to the room with the cell (59)?

ENTRY 53: Even as you yell, the little creatures rush, their knives poised to strike. You may strike at one of the creatures (AC 7). If you hit, go to entry 58. If you miss, go to entry 47.

ENTRY 55: You tear the curtain aside and step into the room. The little creatures stand ready for you, knives in their hands. You swing at the creatures in front. Go to entry 47.

ENTRY 56: If this entry was visible when you turned to it, Roderick has already cast his cure spell and cannot cast it another time. If this entry was invisible when you turned to it, Roderick places his hands on your wounds. The cuts slowly begin to close and you heal 6 hit points. (If this brings your total hit points to more than you started the module with, you now have the same number of hit points that you started the game with. A cure spell will not increase your total number of hit points, it will only replace those that you have lost in combat.) Turn to the last entry you read and continue to play.

ENTRY 62: "I'm in no hurry to die," Teromil says. Who will investigate, Salamdros (63), Roderick (64), or yourself (65)?

ENTRY 66: You tell the others to be careful when they enter and start into the room. Before you can take 2 steps however, Salamdros sneers, "Don't you think it wise to leave someone to protect our retreat, leader?" he pauses, then continues, "I will remain since I am able to hold off our enemies." He crosses the room and stands by the doorway. Will you try to convince him to come with the party (67), or go ahead without him (68)?

ENTRY 67: You walk over to Salamdros, but before you can say anything, he says, "I know what you will ask, but I will not go in there. I am not fool enough to follow a murderer into a dark room." "Salamdros might be right", Teromil says, "How do we know this fellow didn't kill someone? I'd say he hasn't proven himself much of a hero so far. I say Salamdros should lead us, that's what I say!" Roderick places his hand on his weapon and says nothing. He studies you with caution. In hopes of keeping the party united, you step closer to Salamdros and tell him the truth about what happened in town, taking care to emphasize the parts that prove your innocence. As you finish your explanation, a hand reaches through the curtain and grabs Salamdros! Will you attack the unknown creature (74) or run for safety (71)?

ENTRY 69: Suddenly, a mass of rats swarm out from behind the boxes and attack. The rats clamber over each other to nip at your body, reaching as high as your knees. You cry out for help, kicking and swinging at the dirty little animals. Finally, you slip on the slimy floor and fall into the mass of rats. They climb all over your body, despite your desperate attempts to beat them off. Soon, you feel a hand on your shoulder, then another, as somebody drags you from beneath the rats. "Fool!" shouts Teromil, "Stupid fool!" Roderick stands close by, saying nothing. "We go back," continues Teromil, "We shouldn't have come this way at all." You have take 3 hit points of damage. Go to entry 59.

ENTRY 71: You scramble across the room to safety. Behind you, Salamdros screams as the thing attacks. Teromil and Roderick run toward Salamdros, and you hear the clang of metal on metal. By the time you turn around, the fight has ended. Salamdros, Roderick, and Teromil stand over the body of a man. They are watching you carefully, their eyes filled with distrust. Finally, Salamdros speaks, "We will leave this room. You, coward, will march in front. If you make a false move, I will kill you!" Go to entry 78.

ENTRY 81: You peek around the corner in time to see a man step into the hallway and walk toward you. Will you go back and warn the others (83), or hide in the shadows trying to remain undetected until he passes (84)?

ENTRY 82: You round the corner, your weapon in hand. The passage continues for several yards, then opens to a room on the right. Light streams from this room. You carefully move down the hallway. Soon, a man leaps around the corner and walks toward you. Roll 1d6. If you roll a 1-2, go to entry 85. If you roll a 3-6, go to entry 86.

ENTRY 85: Your toe strikes a loose pebble and sends it clattering through the hallway. The man looks up, startled, then turns to run back the way he came. You quickly call the others and tell them what happened. will you move forward, ready for trouble (89), or return to the room with the cell (100)?

ENTRY 88: He walks past without noticing you. You may strike him (AC 5) with a +4 bonus on your chance to hit. If you succeed, go to entry 92. if you miss, go to entry 87.