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Entries 219 - 309

ENTRY 219: You stand at the bottom of the ladder in a passage that curves to the left and runs out of sight (use map DD). Smoldering torches line the walls. You creep down the passage slowly, listening to the sound of battle above. Suddenly a voice says, "Stop, traitor!" You wheel around and slip on a patch of slippery sand, sprawling to the floor. Salamdros is climbing down the ladder and Roderick stands above him, holding off the enemies. Salamdros raises his hands and utters a spell. A brilliant point of light flashes from his fingers and strikes you (take 7 points damage). Before you react, Salamdros leaps on you, his weapon swinging. Though you try to defend yourself, his blow strikes you (take 11 points damage). If you have taken more damage than your character can withstand, your character is now dead. You barely manage to stand. Will you flee (224), reason with him (225), or fight (226)?

ENTRY 221: As you step back, you stumble over the body of a little man-thing and crash to the floor. The man raises his sword and strikes (take 4 points damage). before he can raise his sword again, Roderick cracks his mace across the back of the man's head. Your attacker staggers and falls across your chest, knocking the wind out of your lungs. Salamdros quickly runs up and pulls the body away. After resting briefly, you search the room and find 50 gp in the man's belt pouch, then descend the ladder to the pit. Go to entry 227.

ENTRY 222: You leap at the fighter and grab his neck, preventing him from swinging at you. He viciously slams his elbow into your chest (take 3 points damage) and throws you aside. He raises his sword to finish you off, but suddenly staggers and drops to his knees. Roderick stands behind him, holding a mace. you quickly roll away and stand before the fighter finally falls face first to the floor. After resting briefly, you all search the room. Salamdros finds 50 gp hidden in the corner, but there is nothing else of value in the room. The three of you climb don the ladder. Go to entry 227.

ENTRY 224: Salamdros hits you again as you turn to run. You have now take 27 points damage in the last two entries, which is more than a third level thief can withstand. you are dead. Roll a new character and start the module again.

ENTRY 225: He is in no mood to listen or reason. Go to entry 226.

ENTRY 226: Reluctantly, you turn to fight. Salamdros is prepared and strikes first, hitting you. You have now take 25 points damage in the last few entries, which is more than a third level thief can withstand. You are dead. Roll a new character and start the module again.

ENTRY 231: You run through the curtained doorway, and a blast of cold air sweeps over you. You stand in a small chamber (Use map KK) with an ice covered floor. Daylight shines through a small, snow-filled opening ahead. You dash across the chamber, shouting, "We found the exit, we've escaped!" Roll 1d6. If you roll a 1-2, go to entry 235. If you roll a 3-6, go to entry 236.

ENTRY 232: You pull the curtain aside and rush into the next room (use map BB) You now stand in a small, dim room lit only by two flickering candles on a table. A man dressed in a black robe sits behind the table. As soon as he sees you enter the room, he leaps up and reaches for one of the levers on the wall behind him. Will you dive over the table and grab his arm (237), circle around to him warily, searching for traps (238), leave the room (239), or try to trick him into believing you are a powerful wizard, and will blast him if he pulls the lever (240)?

ENTRY 235: You dash to the exit. Suddenly, the snow bank ahead stirs. A huge, warty man-like creature rises out of the snow. You skid to a stop in front of him. He shakes off his furs and says, "Who are you?" The huge beast hefts a tree branch high and shouts, "I kill little man!" Will you fight (243), run between his legs (244), climb a wall to get out of his reach (245), or try to trick it (246)?

ENTRY 239: You quickly turn and dash into the room you just left. Roderick fights a man whose back is to you. Salamdros fights another, and a third man trying to open the wolf cage. You may run out the other exit (only if this entry was invisible when you turned to it), go to entry 231, you may also attack the man Roderick fights (241) or attack the man trying to open the cage (242).

ENTRY 240: You raise your hand menacingly and try to look powerful. "Stop!" you shout, "or I shall burn you into a pile of cinders!" The robed man pauses for a moment, then laughs loudly. "Ho! You are the little fellow my goblins captured! A good jest, but I must bid you farewell." He quickly pulls both levers, and a trap door opens in the floor beside him. You dash forward to stop him, but are too late. He leaps into the pit and the trap door slams shut. Then you hear the grating of metal on stone. The curtain parts, revealing a white, baboon-like creature carrying a large bone club in one hand. Will you fight (251), try to open the trap door and escape (266), or flee into the other room (239)?

ENTRY 243: As you swing, you lose your footing on the ice and fall! The beast hits you (take 8 points of damage. If this is more damage than you can withstand, your character is dead.) Will you scramble past the creature (244) or continue to fight (256)?

ENTRY 244: Throwing caution in the wind, you dive between the creature's legs. As you scramble past the creature, it hits you (take 6 points damage). You now stand outside. Go to entry 258.

ENTRY 245: You quickly discover the walls are too slick to climb. Will you fight (256), or dive between its legs (244)?

ENTRY 250: He pulls the first lever, and a trap door opens in the floor beside him! He jerks the second lever down, and says, "Farewell, peasant!" He leaps into the pit, and you hear the grating of metal on stone. The curtain parts, revealing a white, baboon-like creature carrying a large bone club in one hand. The trap door slams shut. You are alone with the creature! Will you fight (251), try to open the trap door and escape (266), or flee into the other room (239)?

ENTRY 252: You strike, and the man falls to the ground, dead. From the corner of your eye, you see the wolf bound out of its cage. Will you fight the wolf (269), help Salamdros (270), or fight the man who freed the wolf (271)?

ENTRY 257: The huge beast stops and looks at you blankly. "Move aside!" you order. "The Master will be displeased." Finally, it scratches its head and steps to one side. Your trick worked! You are free! Go to entry 258.

ENTRY 258: You have escaped! Now, you must survive. You blunder through the snow toward the pass, your hands and feet growing numb with cold. Finally, you look down the mountainside and see a narrow line of men pushing through the snow. You struggle through the snow at your best pace, hoping the men are friendly. finally, you come close enough to recognize two of them--Daras the guide, and Black-Beard, the caravan guard. You scream and holler to attract their attention, and they soon ride their mounts to you. You tell them your tale, taking care too emphasize the hazard the village will soon face. When you finish, Daras says, "We can do nothing for the caravan now; it was lost in the storm. We must go back to the village and warn them." you return to the village and warn the elders of the doom they face. They quickly order the guard to prepare for the attack, and then proclaim you a hero. The adventure is over, you have done very well. Your character has earned 500 experience points.

ENTRY 260: You look at the creature's feet, and see you said the wrong thing, since the creature doesn't wear any shoes. Go to entry 281.

ENTRY 265: Column #1: 1,18,5,1,4. Column #2: 11,17,3,7,16. Column #3: 6,0,9,14,10. Column #4: 2,12,15,18,8.

ENTRY 266: As you pull the lever, the creature bites you (take 1 point damage). The trap door opens, and you jump in without hesitation. You fall 10 feet, but take no damage because you were prepared. The door closes above, and the area falls totally dark. Will you sit and wait (307), or search the area by torch (290)?

ENTRY 275: You do not hit the man, but Salamdros quickly comes to your aid. In a few moments, the man lies motionless on the floor. Go to entry 308.

ENTRY 277: The man swings and hits you (take 3 points damage). Salamdros steps between you and your attacker (his foe already lies dead on the floor). Roderick grabs your arm and pulls you away from the action. "You need healing" he shouts. If you have not asked Roderick to heal you, he will cast a spell on you now. Otherwise, go to entry 295.

ENTRY 279: It smashes you with its club (take 6 points damage)! If you are still alive, you realize you cannot win by fighting it. You may try to run past it. Go to entry 244.

ENTRY 280: The trick works! The giant stomps past you to help the Master. Will you strike it from behind (285), or escape while you can (258)?

ENTRY 281: It looks at its feet and yells, "You think me dumb? Me not dumb, me smash!" Go to entry 279.

ENTRY 282: You have 50 gp, give them to the creature and go to entry 283. If you do not have the gold, tell the giant Man-thing and go to entry 279.

ENTRY 283: The monster steps aside to let you pass. Go to entry 258.

ENTRY 284: The beast says, "Me smart! Me just smash you get gold, make Master happy!" Go to entry 279.

ENTRY 285: The creature is so large and surprised, you cannot miss. You automatically hit. It staggers a bit, then turns around. You may swing again (AC 5) before it attacks. If you hit, go to entry 296. If you miss, go to entry 297.

ENTRY 290: You carefully search the dark area by touch. You are in a small, straight-sided pit. After an hour of searching, you touch a loose stone and pull on it. The sound of rock scraping on rock echoes beside you. You feel around carefully, and discover an opening. As you crawl through, you touch a torch and piece of flint. You use the flint and your steel sword to create a spark over the torch, and soon you have light. Now you can see that the tunnel extends ahead of you as far as the light shines. You crawl through the endless tunnel for hours. Finally, a dim light shines ahead. You quickly scramble along the last section of the tunnel and break out into the chill, moonlit air. After a short rest, you begin the long trek down the mountain. Throughout the rest of the night and the next day, you wade through the deep snow. Often, you must hide in shallow caves or semi-frozen streams as strange creatures approach. Finally, hungry, tired, and nearly frozen, you see a town ahead. Using the last of your strength, you stumble to the main gate. Your pitiful condition convinces the guards to open the gate. As they drag you inside, you realize this is the same town you recently fled. It does not matter, however, for it can't be any worse than the caves you have just escaped. Half deliriously you begin your tale, taking care to emphasize the hazard the town faces. As you finish, the rest of your strength ebbs away and you faint. When you finally return to consciousness, you are lying in a bed in a richly decorated room. A young serving girl sits at your side. As soon as she sees you are awake, she leaves to summon the mayor. In a matter of minutes, a portly, well-dressed man enters you chamber and informs you that your warning saved the town. He places 100 gp in your hand as a reward. Due to the hardship of your escape from Blizzard Pass, your character has permanently lost 1 point of constitution. this adventure is now over. Your character has earned 500 experience points.

ENTRY 294: Roderick quickly places his hands on your wounds and prays. Gradually, your wounds close, you are healed (6 hit points). If this increases your total hit points to more than you started the game with, you now have the number you started with. While Roderick heals you, Salamdros dispatches the remaining opponent. Go to entry 308.

ENTRY 298: The trap door opens and you look into a pit. It is empty. Will you leap in to investigate (304), or go back to help your companions (239)?

ENTRY 299: The sound of metal grating on stone fills the air. The curtain parts and a white, baboon-like creature steps into the room. It carries a club in one hand. Will you fight (251), or return to your companions (239)?

ENTRY 302: The beast crashes to the ground in front of you. You may now leave (258).

ENTRY 303: The ugly creature hits you again (take 6 points damage). If you hit, go to entry 302. If you miss, go to entry 305.

ENTRY 306: The monster smashes you again, killing you. You have taken more damage than a third-level thief can possibly withstand. Roll a new character and begin the module again.

ENTRY 307: (unclear) After several minutes of waiting, the trap door opens overhead. The light blinds you momentarily as you, but you soon see that the men who opened the trap are not your friends. You recognize one of the figures as the first man you met when you first entered the room. He says, "So you thought you could escape us. I am sorry to disappoint you." He turns away from you and signals to one of the other men who knocks an arrow in his bow. He trains the arrow right at you. Since there is no place to hide you are quickly slain. Roll a new character and begin the module again.

ENTRY 308: After allowing yourselves a brief rest, you pull side the curtain on the left. You see an empty room (use map BB) lit by two candles on a table. A dark curtain drops to the floor behind the table, and you can see two levers poking through a hole in the curtain. The three of you search the room. Salamdros finds a cell holding a white, baboon-like creature behind the curtain. Upon examining the levers, you discover one of them opens the cage, and the other opens a trap door in the floor. Roderick finds a small chest, and you carefully open it. Inside, you find the Master's plan for attacking the village and five gems (200 gp each). There is nothing else in the room. As you examine the plans, Roderick says, "We must warn the towns. Let us go to the other exit and try our luck there." The three of you quickly go to the other doorway (use map KK). It opens into a small tunnel-like cave. The air is very cold, and ice and snow cover the floor. There is an exit on the other side of the room, partially blocked by a large snowdrift. As you near the drift, you see that it has been disturbed. by a large creature recently, but the creature is gone now. You walk through the exit and stand outside! The three of you trudge down the pass in brilliant sunshine for the rest of the day. Finally, near nightfall, you see the lights of a small village and soon stumble exhausted into a small inn on its outskirts. You quickly tell your story, and the innkeeper spreads the alarm. You are given rooms and treated like heroes. Though you are not present at the battle with the Master's evil forces, the inn-keeper tells you that the villagers were able to win the battle easily, thanks to your warning. You are given rooms and board for many days to come, until you recover your strength (and hit points). Finally, you are well and ready to leave. The villagers give each of you 20 gp and wish you a pleasant journey. Your character has earned 800 experience points. This ends your adventure, but beware the Master may return for you!

ENTRY 309: The two of you carefully peer behind the curtain and find a small tunnel-like chamber. Daylight shines through a small hole in the far end. You slowly walk across the icy floor, taking care not to fall. As you near the exit, you see the tracks of a large beast. Though you probe the snow drifts inside the doorway and search the entire room, you see no other signs of any creature. When you are certain this is not a trap, you leave the chamber and step outside. After escaping the caverns, you trudge down the mountainside. As you approach the pass, you see a narrow line of pack animals. and men struggling through the snow: a caravan! Each of you rush down the few remaining yards, stumbling and tripping as you go. Finally, you reach the sledges. The merchants quickly wrap you in thick furs and listen to your story. Even before you have finished, they send messengers to the valley towns and prepare themselves for battle. This adventure has ended for you. Your character has earned 600 experience points.