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Entries 150 - 214

ENTRY 150: Small rocks occasionally drop from the edge of the hole. You can barely hear hissing and grunting in the opening above, but it is enough to warn you that something is alive up there. Suddenly, a reptilian head thrusts through the opening. A foul odor washes through your tiny chamber. Roll a saving throw vs. Poison. If you make your save, go to entry 153. if you fail the save, go to entry 154.

ENTRY 155: As you slide back down the hole, another creature steps out of the darkness. Before you can escape, both creatures strike, hitting you with two claws each. One of the creatures also bites you (take 20 points damage from the claws and the bite). In the last two entries, you have taken more damage than a third-level thief can withstand. Your character is dead. Roll a new character and begin the module again.

ENTRY 156: The creature lunges, hoping to kill you before you attack. Fortunately, you dodge its blows and swing your sword at the beast (AC 5). If you hit, go to entry 158. If you miss, go to entry 163.

ENTRY 158: The creature staggers back, and you climb out of the hole. It is temporarily stunned, but you see another stepping out of the darkness. You may strike again. If you hit, go to entry 164. If you miss, go to entry 165.

ENTRY 159: Because you are only halfway out of the hole, you cannot defend yourself well. The creature claws twice and bites once (take 7 points damage). you may now swing at the creature. If you hit, go to entry 158. If you miss, go to entry 166.

ENTRY 161: Both you and Salamdros hit the foul beast, and it falls dead. You hear something above your heads, and look up to see another creature dangling in the hole. Salamdros raises his hands and chants a quick series of mystic words. A light flashes from his fingertips and strikes the creature. It screams horribly, then drops into the room and charges the elf. Salamdros scrambles back, trying to avoid the beast, while you attack from behind. His maneuvers do no good, the creature quickly corners him. Salamdros screams horribly as the creature strikes him. You may swing once at the creature (AC 6). If you hit, go to entry 167. If you miss, go to entry 168.

ENTRY 165: The beast grapples you, and pain shoots through your shoulder as it bites down. You feel its claws ripping the skin on your back (take 5 points damage). As the creature mauls you, Salamdros sticks his upper body through the hole and raises his hand to cast a spell at your attacker. He does not see the second creature moving to attack him. Before you can warn him, it wraps its filthy arms around Salamdros. Despite his surprise, he finishes the spell. Several flashes of light strike the monster that holds you. It releases you and reels back. You may swing at it (AC 5). If you hit, go to entry 171. If you miss, go to entry 172.

ENTRY 167: As the monster attacks Salamdros, your sword bites into its back. It lurches forward and falls heavily to the ground. Roderick quickly rolls the heavy body off your companion. It does not take an experienced eye to tell that Salamdros is dead. Roderick slowly says a few words for the departed. You climb into the chamber and see nothing but a single exit. Go to entry 180.

ENTRY 168: The beast kills Salamdros in a few seconds, then flings his body to one side and turns to Roderick. It quickly slashes Roderick across the neck. He stumbles back, badly wounded. You may swing at the creature (AC 5). If you hit, go to entry 176. If you miss, go to entry 177.

ENTRY 173: The creature attacks Salamdros, and you plunge your sword into its back. It falls heavily to the floor, crushing Salamdros beneath its body. You pull the monster aside and see that Salamdros is dead. Roderick climbs into the chamber and says a few words over the elf's body. You may leave by the only exit in the chamber. Go to entry 180.

ENTRY 174: The creature slays Salamdros quickly and turns to face you. Its claws pass inches in front of your abdomen as you move to attack. You may strike at the creature. If you hit, go to entry 178. If you miss, go to entry 179.

ENTRY 175: Before you attack, the creatures hit you 5 times, for 15 points of damage. In the last three entries, you have taken more damage than is possible for a third-level thief to withstand. You are now dead. Roll a new character and begin the module again.

ENTRY 177: The reptile-man rakes you with its paws, biting twice (take 5 points damage). Before you can strike again, Roderick smashes the creature's skull with his mace. It drops to the floor, quite dead. The nauseating smell fades away immediately. Roderick turns to Salamdros, who lies dead on the floor, and utters several solemn words. He then motions toward the hole in the ceiling and says, "We must leave this place. let us go." You scramble through the hole into a small chamber (use map HH). You see only one exit. Go to entry 180.

ENTRY 180: You sneak carefully down the passage, trying to move as quietly as possible. As you round the corner, a chill breeze strikes your face. there is a light ahead! Roderick breaks into a run and you follow. Soon, you stumble out of the cave into a deep snowdrift. You have escaped the lair of your evil captors! Roderick drops to his knees and utters a prayer of thanks. This seems a good time to be thankful. you join him. As you kneel in the snow, it suddenly occurs to you that you will both freeze to death unless you find shelter. you wear only light, ragged clothing that will not protect you from the bitter cold for long. Rousing Roderick from his prayers, you search the area. You have emerged high on the mountainside, several thousand feet above the pass. There are numerous cliffs around you, and it looks as if it would take several hours to travel even a few miles in this terrain. Though there are several caves in the area, neither of you are anxious to enter one. Roderick suddenly points down the pass and says, "Look! Perhaps our salvation lies there!" When you look down the pass, you see several oxen struggling to pull the first sledge of a long caravan to the top of the steep pass. Without hesitation, you start down the mountainside. For many hours you stumble through the deep snow or slip and slide down the steep slope. Your feet and hand grow numb with cold. The metal of your weapon sticks to your bare skin. Finally, nearly frostbitten and dead, you stumble onto the caravan's track. Within moments, the sledge drivers have taken you into to their camp and pour hot drinks. They listen with interest and concern to your story. In the morning, they take you over the pass into the next town. This is the end of this adventure. Your character has earned 500 experience points.

ENTRY 183: You refuse to join the Master's band of villains. The Master sighs and waves his hand to Morgan. before you react, Morgan presses a knife to your throat and forces you into the cage. The frog creatures leap on you immediately, striking with long, sharp teeth. You are dead in a matter of seconds. Roll a new character and start the module again.

ENTRY 185: You lunge at the Master, swinging your sword with all your might. The sword cuts through air where the master should have been standing. The room becomes a blur of colors whirling about your head. You fall to the floor, disoriented. Go to entry 190.

ENTRY 187: You strike Roderick, and he staggers back, breathing sluggishly. His skin is pale, and he looks dead! the Master barks a command, and Roderick and Salamdros back away. Go to entry 189.

ENTRY 188: Your swing just misses Salamdros, but he reacts sluggishly. His skin is so pale he appears to be dead. Suddenly the Master barks a command, and Roderick and Salamdros step back and stand motionless. Go to entry 189.

ENTRY 189: You turn around and see the Master smiling. "Congratulations!" he says, "you have passed the test. If you had attacked us, we would have killed you in an instant. But now, you are one of us!" Your character is now an evil member of a dangerous outlaw band, and, as such, a NPC. He cannot be used in any other game as a player character. If you want to use a thief in another game, you must roll a new character.

ENTRY 191: As the whirlwind settles, you see a cloak and pair of boots. After inspecting the craftsmanship, you know both the cloak and boots are of elven workmanship. Go to entry 194.

ENTRY 192: As the whirlwind settles, you see a coil of rope. The hollow voice says, "Use this rope of climbing with care and nobility of purpose." Go to entry 194.

ENTRY 193: The glint of metal sparkles through the whirlwind. As the dust settles, you see a sword thrust into the ground. "Use this magic sword (+1) with wisdom and justice. Do not falter from the demands of law, and you shall always prosper." Go to entry 194.

ENTRY 194: A chill breeze suddenly fills the room. The air is soon filled with the scent of mountain air. You take your reward and walk into the breeze. Before long, you stand on a sunlit mountain slope in the cold, crisp air. Far below, a caravan struggles along the pass. This is the end of your adventure. Your character has earned 300 experience points.

ENTRY 196: After a short pause, Salamdros says, "I think it best to attack now." He quickly turns and runs toward the opening. You and Roderick follow. Go to entry 197.

ENTRY 198: You slip across the room unnoticed except for a few small rats watching you from the corner of the room. Carefully, you open it and look inside. Finding 3 small gems (100 gp each), and a ring. Will you put the ring on (202), or save it for later (203)?

ENTRY 200: You strike a solid blow, and the creature tumbles to the floor. The other monster swings its club at you, but misses. You may strike again (AC 6). If you hit, go to entry 207. If you miss, go to entry 208.

ENTRY 202: You slip the ring on your finger. Nothing noticeable happens until a rat scurries out of the shadows toward the exit. One of the small, ugly creatures turns its head toward the sound. You think, "I wish you wouldn't do that, rat," and it stops, then returns to the shadows. The man thing shrugs its shoulders, then turns back to the table. You mentally order the rat to come sit at your foot. It sneaks toward you, then jumps onto your foot. The rat stays there as long as you concentrate on it. You order the rat to attack the enemy in the center of the room. Immediately, six rats scurry out of the darkness, rushing toward the man and the creatures. They rush past the brazier, and overturn it, spilling hot coals across the lap of one of the man-things. It jumps to its feet, screaming and howling. The rats continue to attack, nipping ankles and toes. The man slashes at them with his sword, and the little man-things scramble on their hands and knees trying to catch the rats. Salamdros dashes through the shadows, and slips down the ladder. You keep your attention focused on the rats. Next, Roderick lumbers across the room and starts down the ladder. You edge toward the pit, and find that your concentration is slipping as you move. Finally, you scramble down the ladder. Go to entry 227.

ENTRY 204: You slip the ring onto your finger. About the same time, you notice a rat hiding in the shadows, watching you skeptically. "Get lost, rat," you think. The rat scurries into the shadows. You quickly think, "Wait, come back and sit at my feet." The rat does so immediately. Go back to the previous entry and continue play.

ENTRY 206: The little creature runs past you, apparently not even seeing you. It dives on a rat scuttling around in a corner. After a short struggle, it runs back to the brazier and lays the rat on the coals. You carefully sneak the rest of the way to the ladder, where you find a small bag lying on the floor. You open the pouch and find 3 gems (100 gp each) and a ring. Will you put the ring on your finger (202) or keep it for later (303)?

ENTRY 210: Halfway down the ladder, the quiet is broken by screaming and the clang of metal on metal. Will you leave your friends behind (219) or climb back up and help them (220)?

ENTRY 212: The little creature falls dead, but the man leaps up and points at you, shouting. The little creatures turn to attack. At the same time, Salamdros pulls the curtain aside and charges into the room. Roderick is close behind. One little creature charges you. You may swing at it (AC 8) If you hit, go to entry 207. If you miss, go to entry 208.

ENTRY 214: Your sword bites into the man's shoulder. He wheels around and slashes. You block the wild swing with your weapon and duck. But the force of his blow knocks the sword out of your hand! He grins and steps closer to you, ignoring Roderick. Will you scramble away (221), or fight with hand-to-hand combat (222)?