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Entries 91 - 149

ENTRY 91: The man dodges your blow, but Salamdros strikes him solidly. The man draws his sword and swings at you, missing by a breath! You may strike (AC 5) . If you hit, go to entry 96. If you miss, go to entry 99.

ENTRY 92: The man slumps against the wall and falls, gasping. "The Master will avenge me, dog!" His head drops, he will speak no more. You quickly call the others forward. Teromil removes the man's chain mail and struggles into it. Any character except Roderick who does not have a sword may take the man's. After you have taken the sword and armor, you advance down the corridor. Go to entry 97.

ENTRY 93: The man leans back and avoids your swing. His sword flashes, entering your side (take 3 points damage). You may swing at the man (AC 5). If you hit, go to entry 92, if you miss, go to entry 98.

ENTRY 95: You step into the room, and glimpse a mace flashing toward the side of your head. You throw yourself forward, trying to avoid the blow. Even so, you feel the weapon scrape your back (take 2 points damage). It's a trap! Will you run for the exit (102), or stand and fight (101)?

ENTRY 101: As you attack a man steps toward you, swinging a mace. You duck, and the weapon sweeps over your head. While you dodge the man's attacks, Roderick and Teromil engage two more of the ambushers at the doorway. One of the attackers strikes Teromil, who collapses. Salamdros now stands outside the doorway, making strange gestures with his hands and muttering words you do not understand. You suddenly feel very sleepy. The next thing you remember is Roderick shaking your shoulder. "Wake up! We must go!" he says. You mumble and turn away, trying to go back to sleep. He shakes your shoulders some more, then slaps you in the face. You raise your arm to block a second blow. "Thanks," you say. "I'm awake!" The dog creatures are nowhere in sight. Salamdros is struggling into his chain mail and you see your equipment on the table. "We found our equipment stored in this room," says Salamdros, helping you up. "Teromil has passed into the land beyond, there is nothing we can do for him." Go to entry 106.

ENTRY 102: You dash across the room, leaving the others to fight the ambushers. As you run toward the exit, you hear a blood-curdling scream. You turn your head long enough to see Teromil collapse as an ambusher attacks him. Ignoring your companion's fate, you run toward the exit and find an iron portcullis blocking the passage. you wrap your hand around the bars and lift with all your might, but the portcullis refuses to move. Behind you, the noise of the battle suddenly stops. You turn to see that three ambushers are lying motionless on the floor. Roderick kneels over the body of Teromil, his head bowed in a prayer. Finally, Roderick rises and, shaking his head, softly says, "He is dead." Salamdros glares at you for several moments, and kneels next to the ambushers. "They are asleep. Bind them up." You quickly start to obey, fearing Salamdros will seize any opportunity to strike you down. "You led us into this trap," Salamdros says, "and now Teromil is dead. Is there any reason I should not take your life?" Salamdros takes an ambusher's mace. "I may have led you into a trap," you say, "but as you see by my wounds, I did not do so intentionally." "Then why did you try to run away from us? Were you not trying to flee the battle?" "I am not a fighter," you say. "If I had fought, there would have been two deaths instead of one." Salamdros slowly lays the mace aside, saying, "I shall believe your story for now. But I warn you, at the slightest sign of betrayal, I will kill you!" He helps bind and gag the last of the ambushers. Will you search the area (108), inspect the portcullis (112), or question a prisoner (110)?

ENTRY 105: The men are so occupied with their wine that you slip into the room unnoticed. But as you work your way to the left wall, you kick a large stone. The men stand quickly, knocking their chairs over. One of your foes raises his hands and utters a spell. Suddenly, a brilliant light blinds you, sending sharp pains through your eyes. Though you cannot see, you hear the men chuckling as they walk toward you. Then you hear the sound of running feet and the clang of metal on metal, with many voices grunting and swearing. Something heavy crashes to the floor, and you hear Salamdros yelling angrily for several seconds. Finally, he stops and you hear several more loud crashes. After a short, silent pause, you hear a heavily breathing man walking toward you. Go to entry 107.

ENTRY 111: After several attempts to lift the heavy portcullis, you ask the others to help. All three of you grasp the bottom and heave. The portcullis slowly rises over your heads and locks in place with a click. You all step through quickly. You hear the chains of the portcullis rattle loudly, and turn around just in time to see the heave gate slam back to the ground. As you inspect it, you see that one of its chains snapped. You would have to replace this chain before operating the gate again. Go to entry 115.

ENTRY 113: You find a small hollow dart and a spring-loaded trap. After removing the dart, you may go to entry 111 and open the gate.

ENTRY 114: As you search the gate, you hear the twang of a spring and feel a sharp object embed itself into your arm. Almost immediately, Roderick pulls the dart and examines it. "You have the luck of fools, thief," he says, studying the dart. "You should be writhing on the floor, dying slowly and with much pain. But the idiot who last loaded this trap neglected to fill this dart with the poison it was intended to deliver. You will have to be more careful, or you will not live to see the sun again." Go to entry 111.

ENTRY 116: _______the trunk in the open, hoping that it hides an interesting secret. Salamdros has already removed the contents of the trunk, that now appears empty. You tap the insides of the trunk with your weapon and discover the bottom right corner sounds hollow. After prying the floor board away from the bottom, you discover a secret compartment. A small flask is resting on a piece of cloth in the bottom of the compartment. You cautiously take it out, hoping it isn't booby-trapped. Nothing happens. Will you sip the contents of the flask now (119) or put it away for later (122)?

ENTRY 117: As Roderick swings his mace at the statue, you see a bright glitter in the eyes of the statue. Perhaps the eyes are made of gemstones! You step toward one of the eyes, and the floor tilts beneath your feet. The mouth of the statue opens and you slip into it before you can stop yourself. You land in a dark chute and start sliding downward. As you fall down the dark passageway, you hear the mouth clang shut above. Go to entry 182.

ENTRY 119: You sip the potion. After a moment, you feel a little bit better. Note you should go to entry 120 when you decide to drink the potion. You may leave the room (125), or search the statue for traps, if you haven't done so already (118).

ENTRY 120: You drink the potion and suddenly feel better. The spell magically healed you 8 hit points. If you started this module with less that 8 hit points, you are restored to your original number of hit points. The potion will not give your character more hits than you started playing the game with. Return to the last entry you read.

ENTRY 121: You discover a hidden hinge near the mouth of the statue. It is impossible to say what it does, but you feel certain it is part of a trap. You mark the location of the hinge with a few pebbles and warn your companions about the trap. You may deface the statue (124), or search the room (116), if you have not done so yet. you may also leave the room (125).

ENTRY 123: Suddenly, you find a trap! The mouth of the statue squeaks open and the floor suddenly tilts beneath your feet. You slip into the mouth of the statue and find yourself sliding down a dark chute! Go to entry 182.

ENTRY 133: You and Roderick step around the corner, your weapons in hand (use map GG). Salamdros stands in the center of the passage. Two toad-like creatures with large, glowing eyes and shell-like beaks sit at his feet. From the large wounds on his legs, you know the creatures have been attacking him. You may strike at the creatures once (AC 2). If you hit, go to entry 138. If you miss, go to 139.

ENTRY 134: You wait for several minutes, then hear Salamdros scream, "Help me!" A loud crash follows his plea. Both you and Roderick rush around the corner (use map GG) and see Salamdros lying on the floor, bleeding. A huge toad-like creature with glowing eyes and a bony beak sits on top of him. As you move to attack, you see another creature hopping in your direction. "Don't look into their eyes!" Salamdros shouts. You may strike at one of the creatures (AC 2), with a -2 on your chance to hit (you are avoiding their eyes). If you hit, go to entry 138. If you miss, go to entry 139.

ENTRY 137: You cannot move. The points of light move closer, and you soon discover they are glowing eyes of a huge toad-like creature. As you watch in horror, being unable to move, the ugly beast bites your leg (take 4 points damage). though you try to defend yourself, you cannot move. The beast bites you again (take 2 points damage). If your character suffered more damage than he can take, he is now dead. Roderick and Salamdros rush around the corner, their weapons drawn. The toad-creature turn to face Salamdros, and the elf freezes in his tracks. Roderick squeezes his eyes closed as he swings his weapon at the beast. Even as his mace strikes the toad-monster, another appears and attacks Salamdros. Roderick strikes again, and the creature slumps to the floor, dead. He turns to face the second beast, still careful to avoid its gaze. At the same time, you discover you can move again. Quickly you raise your weapon to strike the beast (AC 8). If you hit, go to entry 138. if you miss, go to entry 139.

ENTRY 140: You move down the passage carefully. The ugly creatures do not notice you. As you approach, you see that the glow comes from the beasts' eyes. As you sneak into position behind the creatures, you are careful not to look into their strange eyes. When you have moved into position, you raise your weapon and quickly slam it into the back of a creature's head. the beast jumps away instinctively, then falls to the floor. The other toad-like monster hops around and faces you. Its eyes glow brightly. Roll a saving throw vs. Paralysis. If you make the save, go to entry 142. If you fail the save, go to entry 137.

ENTRY 141: You must make a saving throw vs. Paralysis before swinging. If you make the save, go to entry 142. If you fail, go to entry 143.

ENTRY 142: You swing at the creature (AC 2), careful not to look into its eyes. You are -2 on your chance to hit. If you hit, go to entry 138. if you miss, go to entry 139.

ENTRY 143: You stare into the eyes of one of the toad-like creatures and find yourself unable to move. Roderick continues to fight, swinging his mace at the beasts madly, but he is no match for them. He soon falls to the ground and dies. The beasts then turn their attention to you and Salamdros. Since you are both unable to move, you cannot defend yourselves. The ugly creatures slay you with no trouble. If you wish to play again, roll a new character and begin the module again.

ENTRY 144: As you turn to run, Roderick shouts, "Swine! How can you abandon your companion?" He turns his attention to the battle and continues to fight. Will you return to the battle (142), or continue to flee (146)?

ENTRY 146:You dash away, leaving Roderick and Salamdros to their fate. As you step through the gate, several rough, scarred hands grab you from behind. Before you can save yourself, the creatures bind your arms behind your back. The leader sticks its foul face in front of yours and smiles. "I see you have found our pets, intruder," it hisses. It turns its attention back to its fellow beasts. "Close the gate quickly. The Master's pets will take care of the others." The little creatures lead you back to your cell, where several dog things keep you closely guarded. Several nights later, they drag you into a snow field. They place you in the middle of a circle and sing many lurid songs. One of the larger creatures approaches you with a long knife in its hands. Since you are still bound, and many of the ugly dog-things hold your arms and legs, you can do nothing to defend yourself. You may roll a new character and play this module again.

ENTRY 149: You climb the pile of rubble and carefully enlarge the hole. Within a few seconds, the hole is large enough to climb through. You thrust your head and shoulders through. Your character must roll a saving throw vs. Poison. If you make the save, go to entry 151. If you fail the save, go to entry 152.