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Brutorz Bill's


Greetings Sentients ...The Dragonstar Galaxy Awaits You!.

Alternity goodies for Dragonstar *
Alternity Race Conversions : The Fraal, the Mechalus, the Sesheyan, the T'sa and the Weren.
Alternity Weapons :Mechalus Battle Staff, Weren weapons, and the Fraal H'ourta Implant.
Arm of Talos : Awesome Alternity Artifact adapted from Dragon magazine #268.
Fraal Body Cowl : A special armor developed by the Fraal.

Buck Rogers RPG Gennie Conversions for Dragonstar *
Asterminer Gennie : A cool write-up of the Genetically engineered Asterminers.
Belter Gennie : The Genetically Engineered Belters.
Cadrite Gennie : One of my favorites the Cadrite Gennies.
Delph Gennie : The Oceanic Delph.

Guns, Gear & Goodies *
Anti-Gravity Skates : Another cool item by David Taub.
Bandit ATV : Custom Vehicle adapted from "Spirits Within".
Bioseed Implant : Left over biotech from an alien war..think Guyver..but with a price.
El Diablo Sniper Rifle : a highly customized rifle, that no self respecting assassin should be without.
EMP Blaster : A new weapon by David Taub.
Misc. Gear : A selection of new miscellaneous gear, mostly of a medical and espionage nature.
More Misc. Gear : Dark Goggles, Dralasite Web-belt, T'sa Boost Harness, Vrusk Translator.
Neural Socket : A Cyberjacking tool for Dragonstar by David Taub.
Pilots Gauntlet : Take your piloting skills to the next level.
Stealth Suits : Imperial Prototype Stealth Suits, very Hush Hush. Pictured version available by direct request.
The Gauntlet : a prototype forearm bracer with minicomp, communicator, multiscanner, laser and energy shield.
Thin Suits : ISPD Covert infiltration suits, Picture available by direct request. Original Idea by Steve Miller.

GM Tools & Rules *
Custom DS Computer Rules : Custom rules for making, using and modifying computers in Dragonstar.
Solar System Record Sheet : Solar System Record Sheets, modified from Alternity.
Stellar Cartography : An awesome Solar System Mapper.

Racial Faction Files *
Doppelganger : Write-up on the Shapeshifting Doppelgangers.
Illithid : Write-up on the nefarious Illithid.
Neogi : Includes write-up and resource info on the Neogi including their Umber Hulk Servants.

Star Frontiers Conversions *
Star Frontiers Races : Dralasites, Sathar, Vrusk and Yazirians for Dragonstar.

Starships *
Neo's Custom Ship Creation Rules, stats and other coolness : Various ships stats, pics and design breakdowns!
Elven Man o' War : "Huntress Paradigm".. Elven Man' o War...pride of the Elven Fleet.
Fraal Nationship : Vast vessels carrying the nomadic Fraal across space in search of their homeworld.
Hornetroid Interceptor : A truly nasty living "bug"ship based on the old Micronauts toy line.
Hullspika X-1 Heavy Fighter : Prototype Fighter, stolen on its first test run.
Mechalus Unity Ship : "Assimilator" Unity afraid...they're out their...and they're biding their time.

Monsters and Miscellany *
Dinosaurs for Hire : Work in Progress.
Giff : The Giff from Spelljammer fame.
Jason X : Just when you thought it was safe to.. well your never safe!!!. Includes the new Hellspawn Template.
Machine Troll : Critter by John "Giddoen" Polack, art tweaking by Mark "Neo" Howe.
Mollock : A fierce race of Warriors & Conquerors.
Neogi : The ruthless Neogi, includes the Great Old Master Template.
Quickdeath : The Quickdeath converted from Star Frontiers.
Shou'kkar : Sadistic brutal killers who relish causing pain and anguish.

New Spells
EMP Burst : A New Spell by David Taub.

Prestige Classes *
Bounty Hunter : Relentless and often Ruthless...its the money that matters.
Crime Boss : Every campaign needs its own version of Jabba the Hutt.
Fraal Far Seer : A powerful sect of Fraal Remote Viewers.
Guild Navigator : The highly secretive and much sought after Guild Navigator.
Imperial Scout : The few, the proud..and the seldom seen..
Imperial Shadow Telepath : Guard your thoughts the Emperor's spies are everywhere.
Imperial Shock Trooper : The Pride of the Imperial Army.
Interceptor Ace : Flyboys, Adrenaline Junkies.
Mechalus Assimilator : A renegade faction of the Mechalus.
Military Officer : Those who excel at the art of Leadership.
Naval Officer : Only the Empire's finest are fit to command.
Psionic Stalker : The psychic bloodhounds of the Dragon Empire, not even your thoughts are safe.
Sesheyan Shaman : The Spiritual leaders of the Sesheyan, also includes a new Spirit Template.
Soul Ship Prestige Class : Prestige Class for Soul Mechs.
The Sniper : One Shot...One Kill.
T'sa Crafter : The Galaxy's Ultimate Crafters.
Void Dancer : Zero Gravity Martial Artists Extraordinaire.
Weren Battle Rager : Embrace the Fury.


Dragonstar Links
Arcanum of the Stars : A cool alternative Dragonstar setting, with some great conversions!
Chrysalis : Details of a Dragonstar Campaign with character descriptions and adventure summaries.
Deepspace : A Dead Dragonstar Campaign, never updated, probably never will be.
Dragonstar Mailing List : A rather large mailing list, where the Game Makers themselves hang out!
Dragonstar Official Homepage : Great site from the makers of the game.
Exodus : A Dragonstar site, featuring an alternative setting using the Dragonstar rules.
Living Dragonstar : Official Homepage for the Living Dragonstar Campaign.
Micronauts d20 : Mailing List for converting the Micronauts to d20, heavily influenced by Dragonstar.
Mike's Dragonstar Page : Has stats for Star Wars ships in Dragonstar stats.
Neo's Datalink : The ultimate Dragonstar site + a whole lot more!
Perpetrated Press : Great New company with equipment books that are a must have for any Dragonstar Campaign!.
RPG Night : Site features several different d20 Campaigns including Dragonstar, check it out.
Starfarers Netbook : New rules, weapons, and classes.
Traveller d20 : The Official Site for d20 Traveller. I know it's not exactly Dragonstar but alot of the stuff fits.




* Please note all sections marked with an * are the works of Mark "Neo" Howe used with his permission.

Feel free to email him @ Neo Destiny

Questions,Comments, gotta cool Dragonstar idea? feel free to email me @ Brutorz Bill