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Neural Socket

Cost: 5000 cr

The Neural Socket is a surgical implanted adapter that allows the recipient to connect to a host of specialized electronic equipment through a direct neural link. While some equipment (most notably computers and some specialized starships) can only be accessed by connecting to a neural link, most devices with the links come with a normal interface ... the neural link simply allows a much better degree of control over these devices (this translates to a +2 competence bonus when interfacing with any electronic device through a neural link).

It takes a skilled surgeon to install a neural socket (DC 30 surgery check) and they aren't available on all planets. The basic link installs the equivalent of a normal data pad in your brain, with one data chip worth of storage. For an extra 1000 cr per chip, you can have additional storage added, up to a maximum of 5 chips worth (for a total of 10,000 cr).

You can then upload and download information directly into your brain, and have direct access to this information. When accessing information directly stored in your brain this way your competency bonus increases to +4 when dealing with the information (eg trying to decrypt a file).

Note that you have to have your own cable adapter for connecting your socket to outside devices.

When using the socket you are completely oblivious to the world around you and automatically fail all spot checks, have an equivalent Dex of 0, and anyone attacking you is considered invisible (this is true regardless of abilities to see or fight invisible opponents). Furthermore you receive a -10 to all listen checks.

Some devices may be equipped with defensive systems to prevent neural connections by unauthorized persons. Connecting to such a system is extremely risky since you are very vulnerable to these defenses through your link ... they can effect send electrical shocks directly to your brain.

Item write-up by David Taub, posted with his permission.