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Need a Tyrant Toppled, an Heiress Rescued, or just someone's Ass Kicked?
Then You Need The Dinosaurs for Hire!

Meet the Meat

Archie - The nominal leader of the Dinosaurs for Hire, he's tough, witty and likes blondes!

Reese - Heavy hitter with fists, guns or artillery, he wears an eye patch and hates cats.

Lorenzo - The Stylish one, he's seldom seen without his aloha shirt.

Cyrano - The newest member of the team, he's more agile than tough, and makes a great scout.


This is an unofficial conversion of the Dinosaurs for Hire Comic characters to the d20 system, specifically with the Dragonstar setting in mind. If you haven't tried Dragonstar out yet, I encourage you to do so, I don't think that you will be disappointed. Please note that this is a very loose conversion, so don't send me e-mails complaining that I gave Archie the wrong skills or some such.

In doing this conversion I relied primarily upon the 3e D&D Player's Handbook, The Dragonstar Starfarer's Handbook, and Dragon Magazine #292 (specifically the article on Saurials).

Conversion by Brutorz Bill

Dinosaurs for Hire is trademarked and copyrighted by Tom Mason. No copyright infringement intended.

Special thanks to Boris and his Unofficial Dinosaurs for Hire Web Page.