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Tom Barnhart and me at the 1998 National Young Birds Show in Louisville Ky.   That's Tom in the white coat, I'm the good looking guy on the right.  Photo by Don Edmonds.  To see my photos of the 1999 National Young Birds Show click here for 1999 NYBS .  

 American Racing Pigeon Union site link.
  Box 18465
  Oklahoma City, OK 73154
  Tel. (405) 478-2240
  This is the largest organizations for racing pigeons in the US.
  I'm a member of the AU.

National Pigeon Association
Pat Avery - Sec.-Treas.
P.O. Box 439, Newalla, OK 74857-0439
tel. (405) 386-6884
e-mail: The annual dues for adults is $15 this year and $20 starting in January 2002


International Federation of American Homing Pigeon Fanciers site.
Val Matteucci Secretary-Treasurer
PO Box 374
Hicksville, NY 11802
Tel. (516 794-3612, fax. (516) 794-6654
This is the oldest organizations for racing pigeons in the US.
The annual dues are US $10.

Canadian Racing Pigeon Union Incorporated site
Mr. R. Sandham - President & Finance
R.R. # 3 Tillsonburg, Ont. N4G-4G8
Ph. (519) 688 - 3430
This organization serves the Racing Pigeon Flyers of Canada Coast to Coast.

Canadian Pigeon Fanciers Association site.
Mr. Dick Taylor - President
This organization serves the Pigeon Fanciers of Canada.


World of Wings Pigeon Center                             
A Project Of The American Homing Pigeon Institute, Inc.


Barnhart & Son Lofts
Pigeons, Genetic information and much more.

Carolina Pigeon Club - CPC

   National Color Pigeon Club
    to Promote "Color Pigeons" world-wide.


   Indian Fantail Club of America   I.F.C.A.

 Merl Emerson's Loft 150 Anderson Drive, Roebuck, South Carolina 29376

Pedigree and Performance Software  


National Birmingham Roller

   Click here for Symptoms and Treatments for pigeon related illnesses.

<    New England Pigeon Supply for all your pigeon related needs.  
  Their prices are very competitive and they offer honest, fast service.  
  You can order a free catalogue through their website.

   Pigeon Supplies and other Information


    Greater Atlanta Racing Pigeon Club

   Spartanburg County Open Pigeon Racing Club  

   The Piedmont Racing Pigeon Combine

   Central NY Racing Pigeon Combine  

   Australian National Pigeon Assoc'

Bird411              Grey Forums

Subscribe to South African Pigeon Mailing List
Visit this group

   Racing Pigeon News Letter


Danny Joe Humphrey's Color Pigeons & More
A monthly pigeon vidio Show that covers all aspects of the Pigeon hobby.  Itís available for viewing 24 / 7.

  Aviculture Europe a digital Poultry & Pigeon Magazine

Irish National Fancy Pigeon Association

  Irish Coloured Racing Pigeon Club

  The Seraphim Club International

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... Global Pigeon Supply Foys Pigeon Supply
Horizon Micro-Environments BIRD NEST Search the Pigeon Mailing List Archives Siegel Pigeon Supplies
Non-Prescription Antibiotics ... Jedds Pigeon Supplies and other Information
New England Pigeon Supply ... ..

My Grandson Michael's page Tom Barnhart's Pigeon Genetics Franks Mosca's Pigeon Genetics
Dr. Wilmer J. Miller's Genetics and Doves Bob Mangile's Genetic site Dr. Axel Sell's home page for pigeon genetics and related questions
Arif Mumtaz Pigeon Loft Pro Star Loft Homepage van Henk Meijers
Robinson Loft Saddle Homers of America Paul Hollander home page
Pine Creek Lofts Seltenfarbige Brieftauben Western American Trumpeter Club
Guy Koch's Page Guy Koch's New Page South Bend Liberty Pigeon Club
The Glasgow Feather Club Dan's Shortface Magnetic Orientation in various species Chris's Pigeons Mealybar Racing Pigeons!
Bouvreuil & Archangel Henk Kluskens Archangel My Military Career
Polidoro Racing Lofts Bo's Rare Breeds Loft The Pigeon Nest
AU Racing Pigeon Org. International Federation of homing Pigeon Fanciers National Pigeon Association
British Homing World Canadian Racing Pigeon Union Inc The Pigeon Racing Frederation of Western Australia
Pigeon Page - San Diego Metro John H Cooper's loft Oklahoma Pigeon Breeders
Freddy Thienpoint and his World of Pigeon Links Care of a lost pigeon and how to find its owner In The Loft - An On Line Journal for Pigeon People
The Giant Runt Club of America Capuchin American Mookee Club
The Southern Jacobin Club Bo0scheind Flyers Pigeon Classified adds
Mike Lerps Homepage National Pouter and Croopper Club Oklahoma Performing Rollers
Bokhari Pigeon Farm Compound Lofts Alisha's Pigeon Page
American Trenton Breeders Paul Weyker's Pigeon Page Cliff Baynon's Pigeon Page
Orricks Rollers Interbug Pigeon People Database Racing Pigeon Support Web
World of Wings Fancy Pigeons, Belgium Meeuwen Oriental Frills
Show Bird Journal Bay City Pigeon Fanciers Long Distance Racing Homers
The Arizona Pigeon Club Talanga Loft - Oriental Rollers IBTC
Art Work by Jacky Il ColomboTriganino Modenese Hogeye Bokharas
Wedding Wings World Wide Breeders Directory Racing Pigeon Digest
The Pigeon Cranbury: Pigeon Health Jeans Pigeon page
Primarch Stud Dees Pigeon Page Jon's Rollers
Pigeon Show. Com Hackermer Lofts . . .
Texas Show Racer Club Pigeon City Jill's Racing Homers
GHENT POUTER OF BELGIUM Bill Jacox's Doneks Jan Herman's Pigeons
Famous Pigeon Fanciers Heglands Hjemmeside The Gurnay Strain of Racing Pigeons
WILLIAM ( the doctor ) LARSON Fantails Nico Purificacion web site CedarValley Lofts
The pigeon roost Glencom Lofts Carl E Commuso Page
Freedom Loft Palomos Deportivos The best from Moscow
Tipplers.Com Louisville RPC Boglin Marsh
Mallee Classic K and H pigoen Loft Vally View Loft
Red Rose Lofts Life animal trading company Holland American Giant Homer Association
The Janseen brothers OkieJim's Juergen Feiner colorful Racing Homers
Mark Robinson's Rare Color Racers Paul Gamino's Parlor Rollers Willi Thiele's
Racing Birds Pigeon Hall Comb. Spin -Wiggeman
MOURIK RACINGPIGEONS HOLLAND Terry Duez's Parlor Rollers Greater Atlanta Racing Pigeon Club
THUNDERWING LOFT Turkish pigeons M&M Loft
Spartanburg County Open Pigeon Racing Club The Piedmont Racing Pigeon Combine Jon's Doves in Flight Deer Path Racing Lofts Karl Rau's Rare Color Homer Loft
Wilfried Van Vossole Meulemans choco postduiven Peter Kolenic a Slovak Breeder
Mis palomas mensajeras de color Palomas Mensajeras De Color Y Ull De Maduixa Racing Pigeon USA
Art and Linda's Online Pigeon Loft HRP CLASSIC Pigeons in India


Pigeon Books by JOE QUINN

International Institute of Pigeons and Doves

P.O. Box 18476
Oklahoma City, OK 73154
Tel: (405) 478-5155
Tel: (800) 882-1586

American Pigeon Club
William Smith - Sec.
890 Thurmond Road
Thurmond, NC 28683
National club that sponsors shows, distributes bands. Annual dues are US $5.

Pigeon Debut Magazine
P.O. Box 271026
Oklahoma City, OK 73137
Tel.  (405) 686-0412
Journal-type magazine filled with club news and interesting articles. Subscriptions are US $20 for domestic, US $32 for Canada, and US $50 for foreign airmail delivery.


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