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Jon's Roller Pigeon Page

Hi! My name is Jon Lahman. I live in Topeka Kansas and I love Rollers. Birmingham Rollers originated in England, where they were developed for their ability to do rapid backward summersaults while flying. Rollers come in many colors and I like a variety in my kit. I do not usually breed for color, but I am working on producing some good white rollers.

There are also several other breeds of rollers. Show Rollers are much larger and are bred just for show. Parlor Rollers look much like Birmingham Rollers, but can't fly...they spin back summersaults on the ground for many yards. Oriental Rollers are another aerial perfromer and come in many color varieties.

I like birds that spin very fast and drop 20 feet or more. They are usually flown in a flock of around 20 birds (known as a kit). Ideally a kit should stay together and perform as a group. When several spin at the same time this is known as a turn, if they all spin together this is a full turn.

I enjoy flying kits from portable lofts. These are modified dog carriers that I put on top of my van. The advantage of this is that I can fly my birds wherever I want. Most people have never heard of a fancy pigeon and are amazed when they see my birds flying and spinning, and are really amazed when I call them back to their box. I operate a mobile locksmith shop out of my van, so they can travel to work with me. I do a lot of automotive work, and when I'm going to be in one place for awhile, my birds can go for a fly. I don't think that car dealerships would have the same apprecitation for pigeons that I do, so I'm careful where I fly them.

I like to show my birds to the public, and also keep a few fancy pigeons for this purpose. I have Frillbacks, Fantails, and Racing Homers. I have shown my birds at Nursing homes, Schools, and Boy Scout campouts. I typically explain a little about pigeons, and use the homers as an example of the wild phenotype, before releasing them. Then I show them my other fancy pigeons, and usually a few baby birds. Then I release my kit. I beleive that this is a wonderfull way to promote our hobby, and I really enjoy it.

Some fanciers fly their rollers in competition, both locally and nationally. There is even a World Cup competition that includes several other countries. Kits are scored for quality and depth, as well as the number of birds in a turn. I don't fly my birds in competition yet, but I am breeding from several pairs that have championship bloodlines. Perhaps some day I will get in the game, but for now...

I just love rollers.

Some birds just can't wait to roll!

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