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The Pigeon Breeders Notebook (New Edition)
Feather, Form & Flight $19.95 plus $3.00 p&h

The Pigeon Breeders Notebook (Old Edition)
An Introduction To Pigeon Science $14.95 plus $3.00 p&h
Celebrating 28 years of reprinting

Over the years Joe Quinn has been recognized as being one of America's leading experts on the science of pigeon genetics and related subjects. It is felt that no pigeon library is complete without Joe's "The Pigeon Breeders Notebook". In addition to this title Joe has written a number of other books that are of interest to fanciers.

Both of these books are spiral bound, without color or computer graphics. Joe's words and diagrams are written to increase your enjoyment of our hobby by the addition of new ideas to the competitive games we play.

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Note: if ordering both books, only one $3.00 p&h is necessary.

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