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Welcome To Dee's

Pigeon Page

(c) Kitty Roach

Hello and welcome to my home page. My name is Dee and I am a novice. I started out with pigeons from a flea market and did not know what I had so I started searching the web for info and found the Coopers and this is how I found out about what kind of pigeons I had, which turned out to be Homers and Rollers. I also have four Indian Fantails. The Coopers did not think I had enough pigeons so the Coopers gave me a pair of Show Racers. Well that was on my first visit to see them and on the second visit the Coopers gave me six young Show Racers so I could start showing this year. I could not believe that I received all these pigeons from the goodness of their hearts. There is not many people out there that are willing to give their birds to novices like myself, but the Coopers are trying to get breeders to donate quality pigeons to the novice program. The Coopers have also given me ideas for my loft for my new pigeons. I am an animal lover. If you could see my place you would understand. I think my husband, Todd lets me get by with it, because he loves me. I hope to be able to make the Coopers proud of me. I have told them they were asking for it, because I will pester them now for knowledge and they, however, do not mind giving me that knowledge I will need to go on. I have gotten rid of all the pigeons I got from the flea market except the ones my husband wants to keep for his hobby, which are a few Homers and the Fantails for my husband. I want to thank you for stopping by and come see us again for future updates.

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