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        howdy doodie & welcome to my site!




NEW!   gigs and mp3 files online at my space!!

RECORDINGS that i'm on...            FAQS  that i get on and off stage...  


DONATIONS & GIFTS!!! drop me a line if you want to send me a bunch of money or extravagant gifts... examples of stuff i really dig: beef jerky, red wine, obscure tea, cigarettes that are in cool packaging, swedish snus, traveller's checks, make-up, compliments, farm animals, i dunno... i love surprises!!! just don't send something we could get in trouble for, ok?!?! (i do appreciate the idea! - wink wink -) THANKS to EDGAR in VIENNA for this new PHOTO!!!!


how do you like my roller-skates?!  cool, huh?!


i have some buddie pics if you're curious to see the wonderful creatures i'm surrounded by!

Wanna see how much fun i had when i was blonde?


WHEN I GET MOTIVATED... there's going to be a whole page devoted to very useful information...

and then there's going to be a whole page devoted to very useless information...

WHY DOES THIS SITE LOOK SO GOOFY?  - Because your computer contracted a nasty virus that makes my website look really ugly!!!Side effects include nausea & projectile vomitting. IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY  -   - if there are no new shows posted, you can call me to find out if my career is over and cheer me up +43 (0) 6991 188 ... nevermind... i forgot to pay the phone bill this month...



thanks for visiting my site! 

yours truly,

pamelia kurstin














                                                                                   (  i LOVE my roller-skates! )