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i'm available for private lessons in Vienna or wherever i may be on tour or visiting. if you're daring, i also give haircuts!

all levels, ages, and creatures are welcome for lessons. for hair cuts, i usually do best with shorter hair. if you have a small dog, it's totally welcome for hanging out and getting a haircut too... maybe even a bath if i can find a hose outside!

you don't have to have perfect pitch to play theremin. whoever told you that, i would like to have a word with him/her about this BULLSH*T idea of 'PERFECT PITCH'... " hey, psst pssst, think RELATIVE PITCH... and don't you be fakin' that headache from something being 'out of tune'... just shut up!!!" so anyhooo, you don't have to bring scissors, i have these paper-cutting scissors that work just fine. if you bring your dog, i'll show you where he can poop outside and you don't have to pick it up!!!

if you're interested in setting up a lesson and/or getting a new hair cut,  email me or call : 

I don't go online so often but click this if you prefer emailing me...   +43(0)6991 188 3529.

(thanks for the pic, kris!!!)

* ask about my weekend workshop crash-course 24/7 minus 5. it includes a really bizarre and totally unique hair cut. (only for the brave)