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    who are these people???

    (clockwise from the top left corner)  jeremie -aka dr bonus,  danny wang (my soul-twin inspiration),  me and my sis  (umm...  nope! not recently!

      hehe*+*)   shad and rob (we like to have FUN whenever i'm in l.a.),  sebastien in the crooked chair, alan looking cool....

                mr clown (my business associate), and dave (gossip buddy!).


    these are some of  the buddies i've been SO lucky to have met  in my crazy life.   i know.... mostly guys... LUCKY ME!!!!!   hahahaha*+*+* 

    actually,  if you're a  fun-loving girl and you live in new york or l.a...  --  hey!!!  i should become a matchmaker!!  screw making music!!!

    hahah*+*+* just kidding!!!  


    astrid (she gave me my first pet rat, shahrazade way back in the day)... my soul-brother kyan (i'm the only one who

    gets to call him bobby),  mr mark - my gak and yak buddy,  and joel - always encouraging me to GO FOR IT! in life!!!

      now, can you guess who she is?   that's my MAMA!!!!!!!!


                                                                      having a scanner is da bomb!