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 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS  these are the ones off of the top of my head that always come up!   no question is ridiculous (especially as ridiculous as i can be!!!!)  so if you have any questions that aren't on here... email me a glass of wine  and i'll gladly answer ANYTHING!

how old are you?       guess....   nope.   older.    nope...    NO not THAT old!!!    31... (and boohooo... no little monkeys)

what's a theremin?  it's this instrument that i cannot describe well after having a couple of margaritas just now... google it!!!!!

how long have you been playing the theremin?  like, 10 years now

what else do you play?    piano... upright bass... i can bullsh*t a little on the guitar and flute... used to play cello... violin... viola in junior high...  ummmmm.... whatever instrument i can have access to i at least try to play a song on!

WHAT'S YOUR SIGN?   definitely gemini squared.

what's your nationality?   american.  my mom is thai and my dad is from michigan (german/english roots... a little native american in there too)

do you give lessons?  yes... i suggest students bring a video camera because i don't like to teach the same thing over and over again and i know some people need more than an hour to become better listeners/observers.

what does your name mean?  last time i checked, which was in the supermarket - one of those 50 cent name interpretation books - "loved by elves"... and that was the day i picked my own name!!!

where can i get a theremin?  WWW.MOOGMUSIC.COM - Bob Moog's company makes the best theremins... and really i have tried just about everything out there.

when is your next gig?  click this and see!

DO YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND?   -  doesn't mean i have to answer it.   it's one of the most frequently asked questions.