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what am i on?  * MY FIRST SOLO ALBUM just came out!!!

it's called 'THINKING OUT LOUD'... and you can find more info about it at TZADIK or any other online music shops... yippieeeeee!!!! it's in the Oracles series... just came out april 2007!

the latest BARBEZ CD(SUMMER 2005)

THE KURSTINS theremin/keyboard duo... this cd is no longer available... if anyone is interested in dealing with the whole mess of putting it out for me, drop me  a line because i am too lazy to make a label and imagine how ugly the website would be for it???


MOOG Check out that documentary if it's playing in your town... I went to a screening of it recently and couldn't help but go "wow!!!! coooooL!" my first time on a screeeeen*+*

" WAIT A MINUTE..."by Pamelia Kurstin   it's too weird to try to list all of this stuff... feels like i'm working on that annoying bio you hear when you sit next to a drunk person at a bar who talks about himself constantly....  SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

               APRIL 2007 - on Radio OPen Source (also part of NPR)

                     interview on ALL ABOUT JAZZ...

    JULY 22 2002 or 2003??- interview on WNYC

DONATIONS & GIFTS!!! drop me a line if you want to send me a bunch of money or extravagant gifts... examples of stuff i really dig: beef jerky, red wine, obscure tea, cigarettes that are in cool packaging, t-shirts (small or extra small), traveller's checks, make-up!, i dunno... i love surprises!!! just don't send something we could get in trouble for, ok?!?! (i appreciate the idea*+*)