(Here's one of my "babies", raised to adult size, then released. He was totally tame and friendly, and never showed any sign of being mean.)

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My busy schedule keeps me pretty much "on the go" most of the time, but I do occasionally "slow down" long enough to enjoy the finer things in life, such as a walk in the woods, as well as "quality time" with family and friends, and God (It's because of HIM I have the strength and ability - and TIME - to enjoy all the little fun moments of life.......... and to endure the hardships that are allowed to come my way!).

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Come with me......

..... and let's explore this mountain!

This is Mt. St-Hilaire - beautiful, majestic, and mysterious - and here you will see perhaps some of the most incredible photos ever taken on this mountain - close up! A MUST-SEE page!

CURRENT EVENTS - Recent news in my little corner of the world. (Not on "Grand Tour")

Check out some of the most beautiful scenery in the Poconos! From the creator of Fabulous Froggage comes some scenic views, as well as closeup glimpses of the Pohoqualine Fish Association.

Ghetto Paint! Check out perhaps the very finest of beautiful fine art!

Journey to Quebec 2010. Check out the sights (and other cool little goodies!) from North of the Border!

Share the wonders of Springtime with me..... in beautiful Quebec! (Not on "Grand Tour")

My Northwoods Journey. Take the tour WITH me! (2006 updated pictures now posted!) (Not on "Grand Tour")

Climb with us as we watch the fireworks high atop Camelback Mountain! (Not on "Grand Tour")

This is an absolutely incredible photo-journey showing the truly awesome Skies Of 2008!! In all my years I don't remember such a year as this, where many times I went running for my camera, and you'll see mighty storms and amazing cloud formations untold - both in Dial-up friendly format, as well as large images that will fill the screen when clicked on!

Here's an unusual hodgepodge of pictures taken in Florida. These don't really fit into any particular category, and because of that, they have sort of become a category of their own! Enjoy Florida...... close-UP!

A cool little "web" project! SPIDERS is now available (March 2010), and here you will experience some stunning photographs of these amazing creatures!

Raise your own Giant Moths for Home or Classroom (Not on "Grand Tour")

A look at some beautiful turtles! (Seen on "Grand Tour")

MY KIND OF PEOPLE - A closer look at who I am.... and "My kind of People". (Seen on "Grand Tour")

Fabulous Froggage! My newest "MUST-SEE" Page! (Not seen on "Grand Tour" - Click here to see it!)

Opossums! - Their captive care and rearing. (Not seen on "Grand Tour" - Click here to see it!)

McLingo - A strange and unusual must-see page for all McPeople EVERYWHERE! (Not on "Grand Tour" - Click here to see it!)


Take the "Grand Tour" thru many my pages, including some little surprises not listed here or anywhere else!
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My Testimony (Not seen on "Grand Tour". Click here to see it!)

Check out one of my newest pages! This is a tribute to a really cool friend from "North of the Border"!

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