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THE SAIYAN ELITE RPG IS NOW OPEN AS OF 12/25/13 | Latest update 3/31/14

3/31/14 | 10:21 PM | SEASON 1

WE ARE NOW OPEN FEEL. IF YOU WANNA JOIN READ THE HOW TO PLAY SECTION AND POST IN THE FORUMS Feel free to hit me up on AIM at WE HAVE MADE OUR TWO MONTH ANNIVERSARY (2/25/14) 1,000 points to EVERYONE wooohooo!. Also we will begin smoothing out the Information pages as it is ravaged with typos and bad coding, and a new layout is on the way. Anyone still liking RPGs please sign up!

Tell me what you think of the new page..
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All is peaceful throughout the galaxies for now..It is rumored King Kold grows weary of increasing Saiyajin strength

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