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Atomic Veterans Of Florida

FL Commander: Tom Botchie

This site is designed as a memorial to my Father as well as a tool for reaching Atomic Veterans in Florida. It is not an offical NAAV website. It is here to honor all Atomic Veterans. Thank you for your service to our country. Sincerely, Becky Miller website owner and author

So many of you retire here and some come for our wonderful winters. Enjoy your stay and our sunshine.



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Mike Shot

Our deepest sympathy to the family of Bill Simkins. Bill passed away May 21, 2003. He served unselfishly as our NAAV Florida Commander. He will be greatly missed.

Loving thoughts and prayers for all of our troops abroad Thank you to our troops for risking your lives for us to be free. We hope that you come home safely, soon.

In loving my memory of my Father, Capt. Jimmy P. Robinson, USAF. He was an F-84G-5 Cloud Sampler pilot who was lost during Operation Ivy, Mike Shot Nov. 1,1952. He was the first H-Bomb casualty.

He finally had his day at Arlington with a full military honors service.



We are trying to find Atomic Veterans. We would like to update our lists and try to come together in meetings around Florida.
Thank you,

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"The Atomic Veteran seeks no special favor,simpliy justice." br>

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