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Dave Purdy: Operation Ivy Atomic Veteran, Operation Teapot

Dave Purdy

Alfred DAVE Purdy was a brave Atomic Veteran of Operation Ivy, Nov. 1, 1952, Enewetok, Marshall Islands and Operation Teapot, Indian Springs AFB, 1955.. He was a very kind and caring man. I came to know Dave through Keith Whittle's website, The Atomic Veterans History Project. Dave and I emailed each other back and forth daliy for almost four years. In that time we came to know much about each other's lives as well as the lives and activities of each others'family members, including the pets.

Dave sent shells to me that he and a buddy had collected at "shell island" north of Enewetok. He told me that they almost didn't make it back due to the rising tides. He also mailed an article he cut out of the paper while he was stationed in Japan in 1959. This article was titled "Correction on H-bomb First." It was stated that my Father was the first H-bomb casualty. Dave also sent many photos of his family. His death was sudden and unexpected. I am thankful that he didn't suffer. He will be missed by many people. He had many friends and family members. He was a brave Atomic Veteran.
Thanks for all of your help on this website Dave. I couldn't have built it without all of your help. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I sure do miss writing to you and hearing from you everday. If you get a chance, say Hi to my Dad for me up in Heaven.




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