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Operation Ivy Mike Shot Nov.1, 1952

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The first H-bomb test took place November 1, 1952, this test was called Operation Ivy, Mike shot. A group of F-84G-5 Cloud Samplers were prepared to fly through the massive mushroom cloud created by the explosion to test the radiation. The pilots were shrouded in lead vests and helments lined with lead to protect them from the radiation. They did their tasks as they had been trained to do back in the states during Operation Tumbler-Snapper. Of the pilots who flew through the cloud, my Father, Captain Jimmy P. Robinson was the one who didn't come home from that mission. During the operation and rescue attempts, many men were exposed to excess radiation.

My daughter, Amy and her husband, Ian found the Atomic Veterans History Project on the web six years ago. Upon reading through the information, they were surprised to find a reference to "one pilot lost during Operation Ivy." That pilot was my Father. I contacted Keith to let him know that the one pilot lost during Operation Ivy Mike Shot was my Father. Through Keith and his site, I have met so many Atomic Veterans through email, phone calls, conventions and visits. I must say that all of the Atomic Veterans, their wives and families are the most friendly and helpful group of people that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Thanks to all of you. Without you all we would not have had the service at Arlington or found out what really happened to Capt. Jimmy.

Special thanks to Dick Conant, Dale Howard, Keith Whittle, Bridget Smith and Harold Wainscott.
Special thanks to Bill Simkins and Howard "Red" Burgess.
Special thanks to Marianne,Helen,Betty,Coy,Kelsey and Dutch for keeping in touch with my Mom for fifty years.

Special thanks to Eileen Welsome, author of The Plutonium Files for sharing the information she has found with the world as well as my family.

Extra special thanks to Dave Purdy for helping me build this website. He was a brave Atomic Veteran, a wise mentor and a good friend. Thanks Dave

Although it is not well know, some 400,000 Atomic Veterans were exposed to harmful radiation during the Atomic tests. Many brave Atomic Veterans have died horrible deaths without the medical care they they deserved. NAAV is dedicated to assisting veterans and their families in receiving the assistance they need.

Please help our Atomic Veterans in their quest for medical care and compensation. For Justice Write to your Senators and Congressmen. Talk to your friends and families. Get in touch with your local NAAV friends and Commanders. Help us help our veterans. If you are an Atomic Veteran go to your VA and request to be put on the Ionizing Radiation Registry. Thank you for visiting Atomic Veterans of Florida.

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