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Genetically Impaired Offspring

GIO ( Genetically Impaired Offspring ) PROJECT

As there is no formal effort to address the Problems that have afflicted the Offspring of those Parents of those (Military and Civilian) exposed through Experiments and Operations this Project is being initated to Publicize the "Problem." The Project covers those exposed through: Atomic Testing and Other Nuclear Functions; Nuclear Submariners; Radar Installations and Technicians; Uranium Production; Workers at various Production Plants and Laboratories; Weapons and Ordnance Handlers; Bio-Chemical; Various Gases; Certain Electronic Personnel; "Downwinders"; and Others. We are seeking volunteers to participate and publicize the "problems" in their local area through: Establishing public meetings. Presentations at Veteran Service Organizations, State/County/City Officials, U.S, Representatives & Senators, Senior Citizen Groups, Action Organizations, Medical Groups, Medical Schools, Many Others. We will furnish material that can be copied locally. We are establishing a Web Site and an e-mail publication devoted to this "problem." The HOPE is that eventually the local activity will create Geographical Areas, then National followed by Forming of a National Organization or association. Organization is necessary to unify the massive potential of numbers of GIO's and create the "clout" necessary to make The Administration and Congress "take notice", and enact legislation to render just compensation and treatment for GIO's. Some Foreign Nations have done this. The United States, Most Prosperous Nation on Earth, Has NOT addressed this problem. WHY NOT? IT IS TIME. For further information and to volunteer contact: Dick Conant Fax: 505-877-2119 or e-mail: