Prophetic Visions

4-1-2004: 1548 AZ USA
The Stone has been cast into the Pond
The Ripples reach within and beyond
No place, no time, no thing, no one
Will remain untouched by what's been done.

The Arrow is loosed
The Cup is spilled
The Circle is drawn
The Earth is stilled
The Falcon is tossed
The Crypt is opened
The Cross is pawned
The Word is spoken.

by its very name,
Carries the whims
of wind-blown flame,
That can destroy
the strongest Keep,
And yet,
pass over a child asleep.

Hear the prophets
try to explain
the coming Storm
from a drop of rain.

Conjunction of Three
Two become One
Water begets Fire
The Prism re-strung
Song of the Crystal
Sword of the Stone
Cup of His making
Star of the East
Fifth world restored
Oberon's Triumvirate
Legend's reward
Flute of the Ancient
Ring of the Son
Key to all Portals
Password to One.

The Prophecy is written
in ancient glyphs and runes
in drums and dance and chanting
in singing sacred tunes;
Listen! The Call is urgent!
It tugs on Mystic hems...
Man's extinction is close at hand
and no one thinks it's them.

Tis an ancient Song returned
rewoven in modern idiom
to teach the ancient Wisdom
to the Heirs of the Seventh Millennium.

The blade has fallen
the note comes due
the match is lit
the magnet skewed;
the core awakens
the mantle cracks
the candle's extinguished
the sun changes tracks.

Behold, I stand upon the Web
of Intricate Weave and Sacred Breath
and know I am the One to claim
the Prophecy that holds my name.

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