Wyrd Prophecies

Last Council Meeting

While East Wind nuzzled at my ear
- like Horse in search of treats -
I sat upon the craggy Dunes
in audience with the Sea;
Moon-lady drew her silver Sword
and gently lit the dark,
while Sandlings sparkled at my feet
in Runic rhymes - to guard;
and in this Circle, Council formed:
from Middle Earth to Deer
from Gryphyn to the Wyrdyn Lass,
from Sirius to Were
from Dagobah to Valdemar,
from Shannara to Sage
from Caterpillar-Butterfly
to Elder Cedar Mage
from Ancient Stones of Martian Shores
to wing`ed Bards of Mu
from Bear to Wolf to Yeti's Own,
they stood with me - it's true;
From every Race of every Realm
- from every sentient Spark -
the Council heard their Sacred Pledge
to stand against the Dark,
and from the Void, a Voice spoke thus
- like Thunder in the Peaks -
and touched, like Lightning, every Soul
who'd gathered on the Beach:
"Hear now the Calling of the Clan
of those who serve the Light;
Hear now the Naming of the Word
that binds my Children tight;
Hear now the Sounding of the Horn
that leads us into War,
to bring a Balance to the Web
where Evil is no more;
Hear now the Blessing of my Love
as Each serves as they may;
Hear now the Promise of my Truth:
I am with you alway."
And, just as sudden, All was still...
tho' the Sacred Bonds glowed bright,
and giving Honor to Each and All,
they vanished in the night;
and quietly, the East Wind came
to ease the Vision's spell-
and guide me to my waiting Path,
that'd heard the Call as well.

Mankind's domain has drawn its own fire,
shattered and scattered upon its own pyre...
But what of the Stone Ones?
What of the Seas?
What of the Mother
who nurtured all These?
What of the Legends,
and what of the Fey?
As Man draws extinction,
who'll ask for a Stay?
Who will etch the Great Circle
and give sanction inside?
Who will dare the Dark Prince
to step into the Light?