American Indian Prophecy

Sand falls in a spiral
upon the ground...
it speaks of Changes
without a sound...
the Healing of
the Earth begins:
Buffalo dances;
Coyote grins.

Coyote returns
to shake the night-sky blanket
and toss the stars once more;
Coyote summons
the tribes of Buffalo
with howls of ancient lore;
Coyote grins
while lost in the illusion
that he controls this Sight;
Coyote ponders
the mystery of Great Mystery
who calls him to the Light.

From the Beginning
From Stars singing Blessingway,
Earth forms...
Earth becomes...
The Chanting of Great Spirit
through a million Universes
to touch
a single mote
: the Shining Stone :
Here I am, then,
Guardian of the Child
Escort of the Mother
Pilgrim of the Crone
upon the Whirling Rainbow is my Path...
not a Going-path,
but a Being-path;
and Dancing
and Singing with the Stars
and Great Spirit:
a Rite of Passage
for the Earth.

Katzina Prophecy Unfolding