Prophecy of the Legendary Realm

What is
is not here
but there,
when what is
is not.

Gryphyn passes Torch to Sphinx
Jaguar passes Ring to Lynx
Rocktroll passes Sword to Elf
Wiccan passes Cup to Self...
Hear the Changing!
Hear the Word!
Hear prophetic Waters stirred!
And from the Waters, a Myst appears,
and from the Myst, a Voice:
"Hear now the Changing of the Guard;
Choose now your Path of choice.
Moves the Force in outward Spiral
transforming all the Web:
Wisdom dictates Time and Place,
Love determines Depth;
Move with the Force, tho' caution guides;
keep balance in your Heart.
Warrior-knight, Weaver-of-Light,
know well your sacred Part.
What seems to be, may not exist;
each step is subtler yet:
Don't underestimate the Power
the Dark weaves in the Web...
and neither underestimate
the Power of Deepest Light."
So spoke the One Prophetic Myst,
who vanished in the Night.