Christian Prophecy

Yeshua on "Revelations"
Yeshua on "Revelations" Part 2

in the sky
setting ablaze
the mote
in each eye.

Four Horsemen,
whose names were changed
to reflect lost innocence,
and leave their calling cards
so you can acknowledge
their eminence:

Eagle feather
falls slowly
from Cloud to Ground...
and in its shadow
the Thief walks in
without a sound.

Some are Chosen to survive,
as if the Earth had need to tithe
the Life that she sustains;
Apocalypse is writ' by Him...
and written, it must be. Amen.
But not without some gain.
So some are Chosen as His hands
to heal, and teach, and sow the lands
beyond the Battle's scars;
And some are Chosen as His smile
to sing, and laugh, and love the Child
who wishes on a star.

By Prophecy, 'twas given,
that come this Final Hour,
the Word would come from Heaven
to give the Dark full power --
and through all Realms and Nations,
its plague-tipped Voice would spread
that leprous dissertation
to tempt the Waking Dead;
but also was it Spoken,
that when naught else remained
but Those of Love and Honor
who challenged Dark's Domain,
that He would come to shield --
and banish Dark complete'...
and laying Hands to heal,
He'd resurrect Earth's Keep.

Pope John Paul II
You would think he would die,
he’s so old and frail
That his robes are more sentient than he,
But he knows of the lie,
and the untold tale
That has tarnished the Papacy;
He knows his own death,
and the world’s as well –
And the Word God has asked him to send,
And he knows his last breath
may condemn him to hell,
If he seeks to deny Him again.

The Horsemen weave the Dark One's net
about the ones who seek him yet,
and draw within those who insist
that such as he cannot exist,
and toss such lines as can ensnare
those who say they do not care,
and coax unceasing to their might
those who pretend to hold His Light.

Tis the moon gone dark
though dressed in white satin...
Whose hand hath covered Her face?
Ye called for peace
no matter what happened --
and settled for Lucifer's grace...
Now the clouds weep blood
though the sky is a desert,
and the sea claims the chosen who lied;
and the mountains bow down
to the One who no lesser
but has heard the Earthmother's cry;
and the Two-who-are-One
hold the pieces of thunder,
and weave a new cloak for the dawn;
as one holds the sword
and the other - the chalice,
til Lucifer's Shadow be gone.

Though All be eclipsed
and Darkness has free reign,
there be butterflies still...
for that which is Light,
the Prince cannot kill;
though All be touched
by prophetic fiery rain,
there be rainbows yet...
for that which is Light,
the Prince cannot get;
though All be vanquished
and hearts break from the strain,
we'll be lovers blessed...
for that which is Light,
the Prince cannot possess.

I have seen the Vision of Her death,
though you would have it not;
and - true - it may not come to pass,
but still it must be taught:
that, Oceans turned to less than steam,
and all Else less than ash,
is yet a possibility
within the Dark One's grasp;
tis true that "Hope eternal springs",
and Light supports the Just,
but Mankind needs to take a Stand,
lest Earth be turned to dust.

A howling, moaning, keening wind
has brought the Message here:
"all seals are broken,
the Word is spoken,
and the Dark Ones have appeared;
prepare for the Final Battle,
prepare to defend your Way:
the Warsteeds are mounted,
the Trumpets are sounded...
Prepare for the Sunless Day."

Eclipse comes
though undiscerned
...a chilling denial
like ice that burns:
can't be sold, or
pawned, or bought --
can't be shown, or
stole' or taught;
Eclipse comes
despite all claims
...a darker Dark
that's naming Names:
Channel it
Harvest it
Charge for the Rite
Label it
Process it
Wash it in White;
Eclipse comes
no matter what
...a Darkness marking
the Children of Lot.

We've passed the point of No Return refunds, no exchanges...
the Fence you sat on -- smashed and burned
...your Colors cannot change now...
the Earth turns slow her other cheek're reaping what you've planted...
Damocles' sword has broken free
to work its vengeful balance;
the Dark Disciples call their Own
...that Bar-code on your conscience...
with Postage-due and Credit blown
...logged on as Light or Darkness...
and while the Trumpet calls for War
with Hate and Fear its suitors,
the Raven taps out "Nevermore",
upon the Last Computer.