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For any of your that visit my site once in awhile you'll notice that I haven't up dated it much lately. I've been pretty busy with things. Bought a new house about 30 kms outside of town and be playing around with it. Well things are starting to settle down and I'll be getting some time do some more riding. That is when I'm not bowhunting. I did end up getting my wife a new new machine though so I'll have some pics of that up soon.

My Site

After searching around the web for the last little while I've found that there is no page just for Honda Fourtrax 300 owners. So I figured I'd start some place up for people to post pictures or whatever of their Honda 300's .

I'm from southern Ontario in Canada. The area I live isn't the best place to live if you like mud riding but there is some to be done. Most of it is all trails or farm land. In the winter time you can ride for miles if you don't mind running the frozen lakes.

I haven't got a clue when it comes to page building but as time goes on I think things will get better.

My Machine

The machine I have now is 1992 Honda Fourtrax 300 4x4 and so far I've found this machine to go just about any where I want it to. A few of my friends have bigger machines like Ranchers and Rubicons but around here I can go anywhere they can. I've finally gotten around to doing some mods to my machine over the summer. It went from bone stock last spring to a pretty good trail/mud machine (for around here anyway). I put a SuperTrapp IDS2 Quiet Series pipe on it. I added a Uni-Filter and did some custom jetting by just buying the jets I wanted which cost all of $9 instead of spending a bunch on a jet kit and alot of jets that I didn't need. It made a real noticeable difference. I put a snorkle on it this spring. I really like it. It gives me that little extra bit of security when doing water crossings. I have 26"/27" Interco Vampires for it now. What an a bad ass tire!!!. I've gone through some of the nastiest holes around that I've seen machines twice the size of mine get winched out of. I think they are going to be the perfect tire for my machine and the riding I do. If your thinking about them I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed. I've also put a windshield that i made as a quick detach for when the cooler weather starts. I made it so I could take it of by just loosening a couple of wingnuts for when I want to ride some tighter trails. Some new Renthal grips made a big difference in how tired my hands got after a days riding. The "soft" ones they have for PWC's make a nice grip for ATV's aswell. It also has a 1- 1 1/2" lift kit, some CV guards and Maier handguards tops off the list. There are couple more things I'd like to do but for the mean time those are going to have to wait. If you want to check out all the mods I've done just go to my NEW Mod Review section.

New Additon to the Family

. It's quite a nice machine. I added a set of MudBugs that are 25x8x12 on the front and 25x10x11 on the rear. I didn't want to go to big because I be doing alot of trail rideng and this machine won't be an extreme mudder. I have my 300 for that. We're working on a few extra things for it and as I get them on I'll keep things updated.

My Kids Machine

I recently bought my kids a 2003 Honda 90. So if any of you guys have or have kids that have Honda 90's send their pics over and I'll post them for you. This little machine kicks butt!!! if you'd be surprised at what it will go through. If your thinking about getting one you won't be dissapointed with it.

How To Snorkle Your 300

I figured I'd add this section because I've seen a few people on the different forums looking for instrutions on how to snorkle their 300's. Clicking on My Snorkle Page will get you to the intructions and pictures I've done.


Over the past few months I've gotten a pretty good size selection of photo's from my own riding advetnures and you guys aswell. I'm planning on putting a thumbnail page at the end so I can get all of the pictures I get posted. All I have to do is figure out how to do it!! So keep the pictures coming and I'll get them up as soon as I can. My email is Click on it at the bottom of the page to send them. Remember Honda's only.....Sorry guys...Oh yeah don't forget to sign my Guest Book. Thanks

Last updated November 25th/2003

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MOD Review Page.............<<<<<< NEW

Clicking here will bring you to 2 pages of machines and engines mods. It covers everything I've done from grip to tire to port and polishing.

This Weeks Riding Pictures.....Lakeshore Trailblazers

Since I've been haveing a bit of a problem with my site being down because of excesive bandwidth consumption I decieded to split things up to see if I can keep my site online more. All my riding pics will now be at my Lakeshore Trailblazers site. Click here to get you there.

I just recently moved and failed to update my email address on mysite. I can now be reached at

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