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Your Photo Page 7

Here's Graham on his '95 300. He's from New Zealand. I recieved an email from him asking about different mods and pipes for his Honda. He told me that in New Zealand there's is very little aftermarket parts avaliable for his machine because they are thought of only as a farming machine....Could you imagine that!!!Think of all the fun that those guys are missing out on. Well at least there's one guy down there that's realized how much fun ATV's can be. Have fun Graham !!!!


This is Jonathan's 300. He's done just about everything you can do. He's got 28" Laws on ITP rims on all four corners, Highlifter lift kit, Highlifter hp kit, 102 cam, 372 bigbore kit and a snorkle. I don't think you could ask for much more.

Here's Jeff's machine. It's a '91 that he's put a ton of work into. This is one of cleanest looking 300's you'll find anywhere. It dosn't look the way it does because of the way he rides it. It's all the work he put into it. There's a White Bros. E-series pipe, 26"x12" Blackwaters on Douglas rims, rejetted and alot of elbow grease. It's pretty much been rebuilt from top to bottom. Good job Jeff!!!!!

HONDA the best on the planet !!!!!